Chapter 5 : Do's And Don'ts for Career Success


Perhaps, a career advancement opportunity is there already. You can exploit it. You can grab it. But, how?


Let’s illustrate it this way.

The first level manager of your company gets a promotion. With that, several people in your workplace, including you, has the opportunity to take the manager’s place before the human resource department hires from external applicants.

What are you going to do now? The rest of the qualified applicants in your work environment are all performing good in their respective jobs. The competition is stiff. But, you’ve got the chance to take a step higher to the ladders of your career success.

On one side, it will be easier for you to approach the human resource staff for inquiry on the job since you are already familiar with them. Asking few things from them is not something you are deprived to do. So, use it to secure an interview for the position you are aiming for.

More often, interviewers see it a good point when you approach them. It is because your action shows your deep interest on the job offering. However, as you converse and interact with them, don’t leave professionalism on your work desk. Instead, be professional in dealing with them just like how external applicants do to apply for a job. It is a no-no that you casually talk to them as if you are only hanging out with them. Know your place. Be competent.

So, you can ask few questions like:
What is the kind of person are you looking for this job?
What are matters that need to be done?
What are some of problems this job needs to attend to?

Perhaps, they are few but you can always add your own questions in line. Make sure you ask them properly and formally.

When you get the information you need, you must get ready and prepare for the interview. Prior to the interview proper, you must already have an idea of possible questions they will throw on you. Knowledge on these things will enhance your communication with them as an applicant.

You can search on interview questions from the internet or even to people who have already tried getting interviewed. You, yourself is a good source for interview questions. Simply recall questions you encountered back then. Perhaps some of those questions will be asked this time.

Practice your communication skill for the interview. You can do it with someone whom you trust to have a physical run-down of a possible interview flow. This is a good preparation for you.

When the day arrives for your interview, dress appropriately. It doesn’t mean that when you get interviewed you will wear your most favorite attire, or the most expensive clothes you have. Dressing appropriately means your attire suits the occasion. Mostly in interviews, you should wear formal attire. Be there in the location ahead of time. As you seat in front of the interviewer, seat relaxed and proper. Maintain eye contact and always wear your smile.

Do not take the internal interview very lightly. Instead treat it as if you are interviewed externally. Focus. Be motivated. Give it your best shot.

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