Chapter 1 : Introduction

Your family’s history is part of your history too.  Perhaps learning more about your family will inspire you to be a different person today.  Or, perhaps your quest will help open the door to questions that you may have.  For others, a quest into their family ancestry is one that will provide them with the tools to pass down information to their own children and then their grandchildren as well.  Genealogy is something to strive for.

The quest to learn more about your family is something that people have wanted to know and learn for hundreds of years.  The need to know about who, what, where, and when is powerful and virtually any person can relate to wanting more information about their past, whether it’s their own or their ancestors.

Our quest to learning your genealogy is a long one and it will take some work.  There’s nothing simple or easy about the process of unearthing years of history.  Yet, the reward that will come from it is a reward that will fulfill your history craving for knowledge.  Use this book to help you to begin your quest.

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