Chapter 4 : Providing Truth and a Helping Hand

Once we line up with unity, lying is gone to us as dishonesty produces distance and disconnection. Truthful communication comes by nature to us when we realize that we're inherently connected. Lying to other people is no different from lying to ourselves.

A sense of unity furthers you to optimize and extend your contribution as a person. It isn't adequate to simply get by in life. If you perform well below your capability, you're refusing responsibility for your role in the big picture. You're keeping back value both from yourself and other people.

Changing Actions

Think what would occur if the cells of your body began lying to one other—or merely keeping back the truth. Imagine some of your white corpuscles signal that everything is all right, but actually they're losing ground to a dispersing infection. Maybe they excuse it by claiming they didn't wish to worry anybody. Do such activities serve the greater wellness of the body?

While communicating with other people, endeavor to be direct and candid. Don’t let yourself to give in to lies and deception. Hold yourself and other people to a measure of truth.

Is brutal honesty always best? Real honesty is truth chastened with love. Utilizing truth as a weapon isn't a loving act, but clearing up an otherwise dark place is of course in our best interests.

Even when it feels awful and embarrassing to tell the truth, you do more harm by restraining. There's no need to hide your private self. In order to really feel unconditional love, you have to make yourself bare to the world.

On the net, I've publicly shared the hardest and disgraceful pieces of my past, like the time I drank too much. It was surely releasing for me to share these stories, but I didn't recognize if they'd matter much to other people.

To my amazement, many individuals told me that those stories had a rich and lasting effect on them. They saw their own awful past in my stories, and this helped them mend from like self-inflicted injuries. By portioning out my own regret truthfully, I actually helped produce pleasure for other people, which finally enabled me to discover the joy behind my own sadness. When we communicate from unity, we receive a previously strange assistance into our lives.

The value of being fair likewise rises up by nature from unity. Being fair implies that we learn to treat one another in ways that observe our individual welfare as well as the greater good.  This signifies helping other people line up with reality, affection, and might.
Being fair isn't the same as being equal.

Things may be considered equal merely in the sense that they are all evenly part of the same whole. But, those parts are definitely not equal. The different parts of your body specialize for the wellbeing of the whole body.

Likewise, as humans it isn't in our best interests to impose equality except at the primary level of equivalent human rights. Our strong points lie in our differences, so it's crucial for each of us to research those differences and grow them into talents. This growth may still be regarded fair, even though it is not equal.

If you interact with other people, do you treat everybody equally, including acquaintances, loved ones, and total strangers? Naturally you don't. Accepting unity won't shift that; it won't require you to treat everybody with blind equality. Unity will merely supply you with a fuller perspective for arriving at decisions.

Rather than being more generous with your acquaintances and loved ones as opposed to strangers, unity will urge you to be more generous in those areas where you may have a better impact, no matter your present social allegiances. Occasionally that will demand assisting a close friend, while other times it will stand for coming to the assistance of a total stranger.

Once you're lined up with unity, everybody is part of your family. You don't have the capability to serve your 1000000000000s of family members equally; you may make reasonable choices about where you can make a favorable difference. That's being fair.

In a fuller social context, being fair takes the form of justice.
For justice to triumph, we have to arrive at decisions that fairly balance the needs of the person with the needs of the bigger whole. Ideally, this signifies trying to minimize conflict between these two levels.

Justice isn't simply the realm of our courts of law. It has to be adopted by all of us as people. If we turn a blind eye to unfairness, we embrace separation rather than unity, and we all suffer for it.

When I resolved to retire from the field of direct sales, I'd been committing much of my free time to helping independent salesmen, particularly those who were attempting to make some headway. I supplied free how-to articles, hosted a net discussion forum, and shared lots of gratis advice.

But, once I committed to a vocation change, I quit supplying that level of help to salesmen and transitioned to my fresh career as gracefully as imaginable.

While a few individuals were disturbed by this move, I looked at it as a fair decision as I believed I may make a more positive contribution to the bigger picture through the field of personal growth. I didn't regret the choice in the least.

Unity may make contribution even greater. Without a sense of unity, payoffs are considered only at the single level: What do I get? Why should I put in the work?

When unity is there, this battle dissolves as payoffs are considered at a much greater level. You share the success of other people, and another individual’s accomplishment is valued just as much as yours.

Have you ever felt truly happy for somebody else's success? I frequently feel this way when studying feedback from my site visitors about their personal growth breakthroughs. I celebrate their successes as though they're mine. When one of us advances, we all advance.

As an individual person, your impact is confined. If you live totally for yourself, your life will amount to very little versus the backdrop of all humankind. With few exceptions, the achievements of any one person are nearly meaningless. But, by lining up with the greatest good of the whole, your purpose takes on much bigger significance.

Now you're a contributor to brilliance, a part of consciousness itself. Humankind’s wellness is your wellness, and humanity's achievements are your achievements. Whatever anybody living or dead has ever accomplished is yours to treasure as your own. Your greatness is confined only by the expansion of awareness itself.

What would you like to bring to this expansion?

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