Chapter 5 : Getting In Touch

Admitting the fact that the stubble sound is always present and that the vibrations passed off from it exists at a substratum level is accomplished at a later and by the more experienced chanter.

These become more evident during deep meditative sessions where the uninterrupted vibrations from the ever sounding out of mmmmmm become loud but all the same serene.

Tapping In

OM is the basis for all other vibrations, sounds and mantras emergence thus producing the different emerging from and receding into phases. OM is likewise thought the equal link to the words like AMEN, AMIN, and SHALOM.

The eventual state of deep hush and silence is experienced though the continuity of the vibrations from the intonations of the A, U, and M are still inside.

The fundamental vibration of the universe might be felt as coming from all places and through all things. Finally most individuals attest to the pleasant sensation derived from the bussing or ringing sound that appears to be produced as an aftermath or the original tarrying OM chant.

This vibration may be "heard" like the ending of the mantra and might vary in syllabilistic sounds till a more experienced level of practice is accomplished. Listening to this with cognizance of OM and its significance is a great way to begin the vibration element of OM while acquiring a deeper sound of the mantra.

These vibrations may then be experienced to the fullest while at the same time still letting the mind be unattached to any certain thought method but rather to center on being neutral and relaxed.

The natural function of the mind is to think. This thinking method makes thoughts either good or bad which is some way affects the general behavior of any individual. With the help of meditation control may be exercised over these ideas and they may be effectively channeled accordingly.

Thoughts popping into the mind arbitrarily or as it connects with other surroundings will be sent to the mind which will method them in the form of teasers.

The more often the mind processes something the more often these teasers are sent. These teasers broadly work to spur the mind to further indulge in processing the given data and to convert it into other follow up reactions resulting from the initial teaser.

With meditation the mind may be trained to learn to identify and ignore the teasers as they appear as most times these teasers are only assorted forms of distractions and not truly serious bits of vital data.

Consequently the more the meditative state is trained to ignore these intruding thoughts the better the results of peace, calmness and serenity.

The deeper the levels attained through meditation and mantra chanting the more capable the mind becomes of allowing thoughts to come and go without really invading and distracting the mind.

This then produces a better and increased health and energy wholesomeness that's beneficial in its finest and purest form. If this level is reached and sustained, the mental discipline allows for a higher ability to concentrate and focus fully and systematically thus leaving the individual less chances of becoming distracted.

The advantage of being able to be detached enough from anything in order to be free to get things done without the baggage of being emotional, judgmental and any additional mental obstacles are well worth the effort to perfect.

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