Chapter 5 : Heal Your Body With Mindfulness Meditation

If you have been practicing Mindfulness Meditation, you would notice that your health is gradually improving. This is because your mind now knows how take things slowly and adopts to certain downfall situations, letting your body interact to what your mind tells. The energy you now possess is being converted to greater vitality and decreases health risk causing negative energies you found from daily living. You can also use meditation in the field of sports. Remember that the key ingredient in sports is focus, so upon meditation, your concentration allows you to focus on a certain part of your body, creating a significant amount of attention to detail and movement; thus allowing you to maintain discipline developing great performance.

Meditation has been used by many great Spiritual leaders, as you can see; they were all referred to as wise men, people with great health and compassion towards their advocacy. The reason for this is that they have found the true essence of life and how they do things the right way. The spiritual maturity that they possess enables them to become great teachers contributing and educating us to the great value of inner peace and inviting us to join them.

Healing not just signifies repairing; it also considered to go beyond the language. When you find healing, you gain wisdom, you experience and taste your well-being and wholeness. The more you reconcile with your inner experience, the more you supply your body with love and

care through positive sensations, giving you positive energies that help you heals inside and out.

The following are considered to be how meditation healing really offers an individual.

  • Love and Connectedness – our emotions plays an important role in the process of healing, study tells that in order for you to heal your heart, mind, and body: you need to open up your heart. This is a strong psychological state of mind that enables you to focus on your emotions and using its strength to nourish your internal organs and body as well.
  • Relief of Tension and Stress – meditation not only takes place when your already sick. In order to prevent sickness and deceases, meditation also offers to help avoid you getting ill and sick by removing stress that mostly causes lots of ailments. By then, you will feel light and free from tension and stress.
  • Restoring Alignment and Balance – for some great healers and teachers who taught us to meditate, they kept on telling us that one part of the meditation process is also to get your body balanced. If your body gets misaligned, there is a great chance that you will experience sickness. A lot of simple practices lets us find the balance and alignment – one of this is sitting still.
  • Opening and Softening – as we go along to the journey of life, we always find ourselves hurting and depressed often. This is a normal for us, but when we suffer pain and too much stress, we tend to over think of things and over react. By meditation, it teaches us how to approach this kind of situations, it is ok for us to think problems but not too much that we are torturing our mind and body.

In addition with all these techniques included in the first part of this book, here are some simple yet verified and effective ways for healing meditations.

  • Peaceful Place – Indeed is the most important phase on all kinds of meditation, you need to keep away from distractions. You don’t need to search for fancy, private, and expensive hotels and places just to find peace. You can always find such places wherein you can just lie down, sit still, and do what is needed to be done – meditate.
  • Inner Smile – Smile can do a lot of things, it can lighten up the moment, it can give joy to others, and the most important is that it nourishes your internal organs with the healing power of love.
  • Good Medicine – Taking up medicine does not end there, you also need to avoid aversion and judgment for if your mind would counter the medicine mentally, and you yourself would not believe in such medication, it wont totally affect your healing. In order for you to heal with medication, you also need to incorporate meditation, since it allows you to think positively and light so that your body would react and accept the medication.
  • Breathing – Of all the necessary considerations you need to take, breathing can be imperative and vital, since this hold the key that covers your body to enter the peaceful arena and experience balance and alignment.

Mindfulness Meditation offers a power that would take you beyond your limitations cognitively, physically, and spiritually, it will take time to master the different techniques. All you have to do is maintain to achieve proper practice, and when you do, you will thank yourself in letting Mindfulness Meditation enter your life.

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