Chapter 8 : Conclusion

Well, just look at yourself. All dressed up in your train engineer's cap, your pinstriped bib overalls. You're happily running your train, guiding your town, your factories, and all the people populating them.

In a way you feel as if you're the ruler of your own little kingdom, now don't you?

Well, I'm happy that I had some small hand in keeping you on track with your new-found hobby! But you do realize that this is just the beginning of a long, satisfying love affair with railroads -- both the model varieties as well as the full-sized prototypes.

The best years of your relationship with this wonderful pastime are ahead of you. And you have potential to transfer to this on to your children and your grandchildren.

What a very fortunate person you are.

Knowing that you're only taking the very beginning steps I this hobby, it's time you look into all the resources at your fingertips. Take time to join local model railroad associations both local and national. From there, you'll discover even more resources to guide you to even more hours of happiness.

Have a great time!

"All Aboard!"

"Next Stop: Years of Fun!"

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