Chapter 5 : Conclusion

So now you've read this book and you have some ideas about how to improve your own quality of life by making your passions a larger part of your life, and you've learned how to incorporate those passions into your interactions with women.

You've learned that being a genuinely passionate person will attract women and that you can and should be "real", not only as a service to yourself, but as a service to the women that you want to make part of your life.

There is just one last thing.

You must take initiative.

Your relationship with women will not improve if you are not proactive about it. You must go find them; you must approach them; you must engage them.

And you will.

Why? Because now you are finding women that are interested in what you are interested in. You are finding women and engaging them in a way that demonstrates your real personality and all those qualities about yourself that you love and want to share with someone else.

As long as you remain diligent in discovering what it is that makes you tick, exploring and expanding those parts of your personality that you really value, and find places where you can both meet women and pursue your passions, you will improve your relationship with women and consequently your life.

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