Chapter 6 : Information/Resources for the Hurried and Harried

The One-Minute Exercises Book of Denise Austin contains quick exercises. While quick food is junk food, quick exercise is not junk exercise and therefore must be scoffed at. If you can afford to squeeze in only five minutes at certain times of the day, this book is a boon.

Not only does it contain one-minute exercises, it takes into account that you’d want to increase your workout duration eventually, so it includes 5-minute and 10-minute exercises.

The book was published more than 10 years ago, but you still see Denise Austin featured on, so she must tap into some of her older exercise programs. Workout programs never get outmoded or go stale.

They’re effective today as they were a decade ago. The book is published by Vintage Books (Random House) and the ISBN number is 0-394-74633-3.

Researcher and fitness expert Suzanne Schlosberg, who wrote a fitness manual for individuals on the go, did a survey of hotels and airports where the busy traveler can do an abbreviated or full blown workout while they’re traveling and waiting for their connecting flights. Here is some information from her work (her book is highly recommended!).

Fitness-Friendly Hotels

Suzanne Schlosberg performed some helpful due diligence to help the busy traveler by providing the names of major hotels with gym facilities (US only). An extract from that list:

  • Four Seasons – 95% of their hotels have pools. All of their fitness centers have cardio and weight machines;
  • Ritz Carlton – 80% of their hotels have pools
  • Sheraton Hotels and Resorts – pool facility in 95% of their hotels
  • Westin Hotels and Resorts – all of their hotels have pools.

Fitness-Friendly Airports

Schlossberg does not stop with hotel lists!

She also provides a list of airports with massage facilities – you must have seen those massage chairs in strategic locations of large, international airports: Here’s a sampling:

  • Chicago: O’Hare International Airport – A Massage Inc, level 6, main terminal west (near post office); open 7:30 am to 9:30 pm
  • Boston: Logan International Airport – A Relaxed Attitude – terminal B, American Airlines Side, upper level (hours vary);
  • Seattle: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport – Massage Bar Inc – Concourse C, beyond security checkpoint, Gates N-16 and N-1

As for fitness centers in airports and near airports, pages 36-38 of Schlosberg’s book, The Ultimate Workout Guide for the Road (ISBN number 0-618-11592-7) contains a detailed listing of these fitness centers – to help you do your workout on your next airport layover.

Plus workout programs that Schlosberg labels “The Time to Kill Workout”, “The Timesaver Workout”, “The Bare-Minimum Workout” all designed for the busybody!

Websites of Interest

Visit the American Council on Exercise web site – or call their toll free number, 1-800-825-3636. They provide resources for fitness products and services and a list of certified trainers.

Also visit: They serve the NIH community (National Institutes of Health) and offer classes on yoga, yoga and aerobics.

Lastly, drop by the Mayo Clinic web site: Scroll down the page and under the sub-heading “Live Well”, click on “fitness.”

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