Chapter 7 : Conclusion

When you started reading this ebook, chances are you felt that you could never incorporate a fitness program into your busy lifestyle. Now, however, the chances are quite good that you’re confident, enthusiastic, and ready to start becoming fit!

Remember, please, some of the cardinal rules that we’ve covered here. Though we won’t recap them all – because you can re-read any section of the book that you wish! – Let’s just highlight a few of the most important principles that you should bear in mind as you move forward:

  • don’t do too much at once; start slow, and build a foundation of fitness
  • Exercise for more than cosmetic appeal; your inner-body needs to be fit, too (especially as you age!)
  • plan ahead and stay in hotels that offer you fitness equipment
  • carry essential fitness tools with you as you travel
  • Eat healthy and properly so that you don’t “hit the wall” as you become fit!
  • Keep a record of your successes (through a journal or log)
  • Exercise with friends or other people who share a common fitness interest with you (and make NEW friends in the process!)
  • Manage your time effectively so that you can incorporate a fitness program – large or small – into your daily routine.

Now that you’ve obtained the information you need, the next step is up to you. Consult the resources recommended in this ebook, including the websites, and build an exercise program into your life.

What will your rewards be for your efforts? Statistically, you’ll:

  • look better
  • feel better
  • have a higher quality of life

And, in case it matters to you..

  • You’ll be the ENVY of all of your busy friends and relatives who want to know how someone as busy as YOU has become so FIT!


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