Chapter 1 : Introduction

Air travel is a fact of modern life, something that even the youngest child now takes for granted. If you want to get from point A to point B, flying is generally the quickest option – sometimes the only option, especially if it involves overseas travel – and with prices at an all time low, anyone and everyone can fly nowadays.

This ability to jet off to all corners of the globe is one that has allowed people greater travel freedoms than they have ever had before, but for some, this freedom comes with a price tag attached. Not everyone is a good flyer, and certainly, not everyone actually enjoys flying.

For instance, whilst statistics compiled by the US Department of Transport suggest that flying is 29 times safer than travelling in an automobile, many people are simply terrified of getting on a plane. There are many examples of famous people whose careers have certainly not been helped by their inability to fly overseas – in top level soccer, Dennis Bergkamp is one very famous aviophobic or non-flyer – but the downsides of flying do not necessarily end there.

The fact is that there are several aspects of flying apart from the simple fear of getting on the plane in the first place that can cause intending travelers immense problems or difficulties.

The purpose of this book is to examine every possible problem that people might have with flying and more importantly, how you overcome these difficulties in a totally natural way.

If you have a problem getting on a plane, this manual is going to show you how to overcome that fear. If motion or travel sickness is a malady that you are susceptible to, you are going to learn how to overcome that difficulty too.

No matter what your problem is with flying, you are going to learn how to get past those difficulties so that flying will never again be a problem for you. What is more, you are going to learn how to get over these difficulties totally naturally too.

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