Chapter 7 : Conclusion

Despite the fact that flying is nowadays only marginally more complex or complicated than getting on a bus or the subway, there are far more medical or mental problems attached to flying than there are to any other form of public transport.

But as you have read in this report, all of these conditions can be dealt with or managed and in a totally natural way as well, so there really is no need to tolerate the problems that you may have suffered from in the past any more.

For most people who have got over their fear of flying or have managed to curb their tendency to suffer airsickness, flying becomes a genuine pleasure, something that is both fun and enjoyable. In fact, for people who reach this stage, the flight becomes an interesting and exciting part of their trip, especially if they are jetting off to some exotic location far away for a vacation.

And by following the instructions in this manual about how to avoid or least minimize jet like as well as making sure that you take as much exercise as possible on the plane, you will ensure that you are likely to enjoy it even more when you arrive at your destination.

There really is no need to suffer because flying does not have to be like Mediaeval water torture! All you need to do is follow what you have read in this guide and you too can finally start to enjoy flying, and do so completely naturally as well!

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