Chapter 6 : Learn To Use Terms That Spark Interest

Any tools that can be used to enhance the communication exercise are definite exploring for its merits. Besides the more common recommendations such as body language and vocal tones, there is another equally interesting way to create optimum interest in the subject being communicated. This is the art of incorporating little nuggets of information that can spark the interest of the listener.

Get Attention

When it comes to perking the interest of the listener, the most common way to spark interest is to name drop. This has always been a crowd puller because by nature most people are rather inquisitive and want to know all about what others are doing or thinking. Therefore by name dropping the conversation now becomes more interesting and thus worth the time and effort to indulge in.

Giving out information that is attention grabbing is also another form of sparking the interest of the listener through the communication exercise.

Using facts and figures that create or imply shocking information that is little know, will add to the excitement levels of the communication content, thus encouraging and sparking even more interest.

Another way to help spark interest is to be well informed in the subject matter that is being discussed. People are often attracted to individuals who are well informed on the topic of discussion.

Projecting a seemingly commanding presence by the tone of voice and the topic chosen for discussion is also another way to spark interest from those around. Presentations that are made with voice tones and body language that personifies confidence will ideally create a resonance that attracts interest.

Using terms that are positive and encourage interaction is always a welcomed way to ensure participation, and this if often the ingredient that encourages interest. Most people enjoy some form of interactive conversations as it allows them to ask questions and engage with others.

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