Chapter 7 : The Benefits Of Presenting Your Message In 1 Minute

The intended purpose of all communication is to get a specific message across to the other party with the assurance that the intended message is then received and understood. However with this intention in mind the individual should also be aware that getting the information across in a concise manner would be more beneficial that taking an endless time frame to do so.

The Advantages

Most people don’t have the time of the interest to stop and pay attention to what is being said. Therefore when the opportunity presents itself, making the most of it efficiently and accurately is the best thing to do.

This is especially so for those in the marketing and sales line. Communicating with potential customers is the only way to garner the interest and to make a sale. Therefore learning to fine tune the skill of communication with precision is important.

Putting some serious thought into the opening sentence when the opportunity arises should be practiced as often as possible. The information and the style of the opening sentence is the only opportunity the presenter will be able to capitalize on, and ensure the attention of the listener is captured and held. If the opening line in the conversation, is not attention grabbing, then retaining the attention of the listener for a longer period will be almost impossible.

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