Chapter 5 : Get Moving


Fears and inner suffering won’t go away on their own. The danger here is, naturally, that many will use it as a different excuse. Inner work becomes a different obstacle, a different reason to remain in a rut rather than doing anything.

Some of the times, the best way to defeat fear is to simply do it.

Get Out Of Your Rut

We can take some tips from some well respected experts.

If you are in a rut, not being able to take action, using this formula will be hugely helpful. It can be used in so many ways - to begin exercising again after a long layoff, to cut back procrastination, and even to better relationships and of course deal with fear- A 5% Statement

A 5% statement is split into 2 halves. Examples would be:

If I were to be 5% more responsible today, I would ___________.

If I were to be 5% less tentative now, I would ___________.

Here was one I wrote up: If I was 5% more giving today, I'd buy a homeless person lunch and spend time visiting with them over lunch.

Stop, and think about your particular excuse, fear, or failing. What would you require? What would the first half of your statement be?

After that, make out the statement each morning when you wake. The action you have to take might change daily, however regardless of what you do, your life will continue going in the right direction.

The wisdom in this is obvious, for attempting to change overnight is literally impossible. It would incite much inner resistance. 5% increments are enough, and there will be reduced resistance.

When momentum begins, from time to time the trouble comes in stopping!

Another technique for getting ourselves into action is to list the price and the benefits of staying on our present path.

The price: keep up with a list of this, and carry it around all day. Does it make you worried? Does it keep you working at a job you don’t like? Does it keep you lonely? What would happen in 5, 10, or 20 years if you continued going down your present path?

Read this list whenever you're able to.

The advantages: What do you get out of not living up to your potential? Maybe your acquaintances and loved ones are giving you emotional backing and a lot of care when you complain of your misery. Perhaps you might want to move to a different city to pursue your passion, and you don't want to have to go through the trouble. Maybe you don’t feel you have the skills to make new friends once you move.

Write everything down so you can examine your patterns.

Again, these exercises might seem to be a lot of work - but please realize that a hesitance to journal and investigate yourself is the same hesitance that holds you back for your fear. Possibly finishing this work might be the first in a 5% statement to get you moving in the right direction.

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