Chapter 6 : Use Affirmations


Something that helps me is this affirmation: “there's no fearfulness, there's just God”, but you have to be a believer to use this strategy, if not in “God”, in Divine Order and Wisdom.

It's truly potent as it puts you in touch with that greater order and wisdom that molds the universe, in which there's no fearfulness. It feels truly soothing and helps you feel peaceful, steady and grounded inside.

I use favorable affirmations on a day-to-day basis (I'm programmed for success) When a person understands what fearfulness really is they might overcome fearfulness easily.

You've the limitless power of your brain to adjust anything negative and do anything you want in life. Fearfulness might only exist if you allow it.

Changing It

Affirmations are like affirmative prayers, except you are not addressing them to the universe, but simply reciting favorable statements with the aim to shift your focus from fearfulness to love, peace, joy, self-confidence, or any other empowering feeling.

For affirmations to be truly effective, they have to repeated frequently throughout the day - or even better, on an ongoing basis for longer periods.

You are able to use affirmations written by other people or write your own. Writing your own affirmations is easier than you might think. Simply consider the feeling you want the affirmation to activate inside you and word the statement so that it's in present tense.

For example, if you feel anxious about an approaching meeting, you could develop an affirmation that states: “I feel relaxed, confident and centered”. Say this affirmation over and over till you truly do begin to feel relaxed, confident and centered.

One common issue with this: your subconscious may feel resistant and keep coming back to the reasons why you are frightened. Therefore, you'll engage in a kind of tug of war with your subconscious where you go on saying how relaxed and confident you feel, and your subconscious keeps responding, “You are so full of it! You know you’re really scared!”

If this happens, you will be able to feel it because the affirmation will feel like a lie every time you recite it. If you go on saying it anyway, you‘ll likely feel increasingly more nervous as you go along.

One effective resolution is to turn your affirmation into a statement of choice. Instead of saying, “I feel relaxed, confident and focused,” you might say, “I choose to feel relaxed and centered.” This helps short-circuit your subconscious objections, as you are not denying your fearful feelings; you are merely recognizing that you choose to feel otherwise.

Another solution is to relieve the pressure you feel by concentrating on a gradual process of transformation, rather than saying the affirmation as fact. Illustration: “With every passing moment I'm feeling less agitated and more in control.” Or, “I'm beginning to feel a bit less excited now”.

If you find that you are still struggling to make affirmations work for you, there's yet a different option that might be effective when the others have failed. Try stating what you WANT, rather than caring about what you don‘t want.

For example, “I want to go into that meeting feeling quite self-confident, quite centered and really resourceful. I want to know instinctively how to address the questions I'll be asked, and I wish to leave the meeting feeling like I made a solid positive impression.”

As you say these words, try to tune into the feelings of what you are saying. Imagine feeling proud of yourself, positive in your abilities, and recognizing that the meeting went well. This process ought to have a favorable effect on your state of mind as you'll have strengthened your vision of the outcome you want, rather than continuing to perpetuate the fearfulness.

An excellent way to speed up your success with affirmations is to make use of modern technology.

You may utilize audio that contains an affirmation sequence that when listened to while being guided into a deep meditative state, will help in the re-programming of your unconscious brain to block unwanted thought and behavior.

As you let the audio work, you'll be furthering the ongoing acceptance of fresh and favorable ways of thinking, acting and living.

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