Chapter 9 : Checklist Of Trademarking

Here’s a brief, condensed version of what you need to do to obtain the trademark you need and want for you business or product.

  • Develop an effective trademark that works for your goals in marketing and distinction.  Insure that it is fanciful, arbitrary, or suggestive in nature to insure it will pass the trademark search.
  • Do you own search for the term or trademark online through search engines. Free searches are useful, too. Make changes that are necessary to make your trademark unique.
  • Hire a trademark attorney or a trademarking firm to handle the actual trademark search to insure that there is no other product like your trademark being used.
  • Apply for the trademark and fulfill all application requirements.  Answer any questions that the USPTO may have and monitor your trademark’s progress.
  • Register a Use of Statement form to have your trademark finally registered.  Insure that you renew your trademark on time.

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