Chapter 10 : The Importance of Humidity in Cooking Candy

Some candy makers simply ignore humidity and its potential effects on candy, but this shouldn’t be the case.

The humidity or moisture in the air facilitates the disintegration of solidified sugar crystals. This the reason why homemade candies tend to be very sticky and very difficult to remove from metal or plastic molds in hot and humid places.

The ideal humidity for making candy is no more than 35%. If the humidity in your kitchen rises to 50%, then you might run into problems later on when the candy has finally hardened.

If it’s naturally humid in your location, we recommend that you invest in a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier can help reduce the moisture content of the air and will also help you in the long term, if you plan to make candies in the coming years.

Now, the drier the sugarthat you use for making candy, the better the results is.

So in addition to keeping your working space as dry as possible (humidity-wise), it will also do you some good if you keep the sugar you will be using in an air-tight container.

Many candy makers also use desiccant gels or powders to help reduce the moisture content of confectioner’s sugar or coarse sugar. Just make sure that the desiccant will never come into contact with the sugar itself!

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