Chapter 2 : Notes on Making Candies At Home

As with other culinary endeavors, it would help if you can practice following the measurements in candy recipes exactly.

Though a small margin of error every now and then is acceptable, the quality of your candies will depend largely on the harmony of the ingredients - and this can only be achieved if the proportions of the ingredients are balanced.

Sugar, the main ingredients of all candies, is also the biggest threat to a good batch of candy or chocolate. Too much or too little sugar can cause problems for your final batch.

Be sure to invest in the proper measuring tools before you proceed to cooking some candy at home. We will discuss the various essential tools you will need at a later section in this book.

The most important difference between homemade candies and store-bought candies is the quality and safety of the food itself.

You can be sure that the candies that are lovingly crafted by your hands are free from chemicals and potentially harmful coloring agents and sweeteners that are far too ordinary in the world of commercially produced sweets.

Children have a natural taste for sweet food - and you can satisfy your child's sweet tooth by cooking up a batch at home.

Not only will you be satisfying your child's sweet tooth, but you can also show your child the ins and outs of candy preparation. Many candy recipes are actually child-friendly and can be accomplished with the help of an adult.

As for the tools and equipment used in making candy, there are some essentialsthat are necessary for making specific types of candy.  There are other tools that can be purchased to quicken the pace of candy making, but these are considered optional.

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