Chapter 5 : Types of Candy Molds

There are three types of candy molds:

Flat candy molds

These basic molds allow candy makers to create candies and chocolates with specific shapes (e.g. animal shapes, Christmas tree, gingerbread man shape, etc.).

The hot candy is simply poured into the mold and allowed to harden. If all goes well, the candy can simply be popped out of the mold when it’s ready.

3-D candy molds

As the name implies, 3-D candy molds are used to produce 3-D candy figures and can be used for a variety of purposes, not just candy making. You can buy a reliable 3D candy mold for $2 to $3 a piece.

Hollow candy molds

Hollow candy molds allow candy makers to create three-dimension candy figures with hollow cavities. The empty space inside the candy figures can be used for additional fillings, such as heavy cream or melted caramel.

Now, as for the materials used in candy molds, many are made from durable silicone while some are made of plastic. There are also candy molds made from metal, though these tend to be more expensive than silicone or plastic molds. Most molds come in sheet or tray form.

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