What are you doing with that tape measure and your pet chinchilla? Measuring him? For what? A fur coat? Looking at the size of you (no offense) compared to the size of your pet, you're going to need more than one.

And then there's that small problem: What do you tell your children when their pet has gone missing and you're ... well . . . wearing Chilli the Chinchilla. That's just gross!

No, this is not the time to view your pet chinchilla or your soon-to-be-pet as a piece of clothing. He's definitely a member of the family. And if you haven't had the privilege of having a chinchilla as a pet, you're in for a real treat.

Just do me one small favor, please. Don't tell your children you even had the thought of wearing your pet chinchilla. They wouldn't react well.

That's just the way though many of us think of chinchilla: a luxurious fur that comes with a humungous price tag. It ranks right up there in value with mink or sable.

Few of us view the chinchilla as a small cuddly loveable pet. So if your children are clamoring for one as a pet, this may surprise you. But do me a favor -- and more than that do them a favor -- don't dismiss that desire out of hand. Give it some thought!

You may just decide that your household would be the perfect home for one of these cute guys.  And believe me, having several of them myself, they are not only adorable, but they truly do make loving pets.

Go ahead. Take your children and check out these loveable pets. You may be surprised at how cute these guys are! And you may even agree to get one as a pet!

And that's what this book is all about really: to help you get to know exactly what makes a chinchilla tick and what he needs before you commit yourself to adopting one.

After all, chinchillas live as long as 20 years. If you decide you're adopting a baby, you have in effect a 20-year-member of your family. Heck some marriages don't last that long!

Preparing For Baby Chilli!

This book is designed to help you prepare for the new arrival in your house. When you're ready to meet and greet your Chilly or Charlie the Chinchilla before he steps paw into your house, you're far more likely to make him feel at ease. Why? Because you'll be more at ease with him as well.

Not only have I included chapters on choosing a healthy chinchilla, I've given you some secrets on how to choose a cage that accommodates him, as well as the type of food this guy eats.

Use This Book Wisely

My suggestion is that you read this book through once. Then take the family and look at some chinchillas. Don't adopt any yet. Don't bring one or two home on this trip. Just look. Actually get to know them.

Then if the "fam" thinks that a chinchilla is a good idea as a pet -- and you can decide on the fact that the entire family is responsible for taking care of it -- then go for it!

Now, it's time to get to know that chinchilla in your future just a little better now!

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