Chapter 7 : CONCLUSION

ou may not have thought of the chinchilla as a pet as you began to read this book. But admit it, as began reading the book, the chinchilla started to look like a better pet than even a dog or a cat.

Whether you're ready to make the plunge right now and adopt a little guy or you're going to think about the right time for adoption, you've got to come away loving the little fellow. And he really is a delight to have around the house. As you get used to his little squeak, you'll see that.

And when you do decide to adopt Chilli (and I do believe you will!) you'll be ready to offer that little guy the best of care -- the best diet ... the best health care ... even the best housing!

You'll also be familiar with his ancestors and how they lived. Learning the history of an animal like a chinchilla gives you a valuable insight into the motives for some the present day behaviors.

Here's wishing you and your Chilli many, happy, healthy years together!

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