Chapter 3 : Importance Of Effective Communication


There is a phrase from British propaganda in WWII that states

“A careless talk costs lives.”

This may sound little over dramatic but the fact is if you are unable to convey your message properly or you are unable to express your message properly then, in both of these situations, you are going to bear the loss.

Now, this loss can be of life, of property, of money or any other type. Ineffective and improper communication will bring out different problems in our personal as well as social lives.

To make communication more and more effective, you need to learn that there should be a harmony of thoughts between the sender and receiver.

Why It Matters

If sender is conveying the message with a different mind frame while receiver is sitting in a different mind frame then, communication failure will occur and the outcome of this communication will not be very useful.

Attitude improvement is another way to make your communication more effective and more concrete because a positive attitude can make your whole process of communication positive while a negative gesture can send a wrong signal in your communication and people will start to take it negatively.

Communication skills have a very deep importance in any business environment and effective or ineffective communication can make organizations progressive or declined respectively. You can never say that communication has become ideal in some organization just because some of the language glitches are fixed instead communication is a thing which always needs your attention and constant maintenance and improvement. While communicating at interpersonal level, you should make sure that the meaning of your discussion is properly understood by the listener. Just saying “do you know what I mean” in the end will not be sufficient.


You can always make a map that which damages and advantages you can get from ineffective and effective communication. This will not take that long to know that ineffective communication can give you lots of losses in terms of your work, time, productivity, progress and other similar things.

If you have mis-communicated with your boss over a certain report then, you will have to do that report from scratch and it will cost you both time and work and in most of the cases ineffective communication will cause you embarrassment. The best approach is to identify miscommunication as soon as possible because sooner you identify sooner you can fix it.

Ineffective communication will also cause you lots of extra stress and tension because when you miss some work due to ineffective communication then, your boss will be angry with you and it may happen that some of your colleague also gets disturbed with that effort. So it can disturb the whole working environment for you.

In order to avoid all of the above problems, you must communicate effectively and if you are having problems in effective communication then, you must keep reading and in coming chapters I am going to tell you the exact ways of improving your communication.

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