Chapter 5 : Improving Interpersonal Communication Skills



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We are living in a very high tech world these days and everything and everyone thinks and acts very professionally. If you are really into making your career in a set of booming organizations then, you must have some strong interpersonal communication skills.

Some people have this born talent that they are very effective communicators and speakers but other struggle to convey their message effectively even when they are more competent and educated. These skills can help you to achieve the greatest success in your life because you can mesmerize people with your thoughts and choice of words.

Tongue and mind are two of the greatest weapons which can be used to make your own way very clear and straight. You can convince people even for the dumbest things if you have some strong interpersonal communication skills. There are different techniques which you can learn and these techniques can make your communication skills stand out. In this chapter, I am going to tell you some secrets about these communication skills which you can know learn and capture the world.


If you work in an organization then, there are changes occurring in that organizational culture every now and then. These changes can be advancement in technology, different sort of people coming in to join, different strategies being implemented to increase the performance but no matter what type of change your organization is bringing in, if you can adopt that change freely and easily then, this will boost your interpersonal skills a lot. These days, most of the times, technological advancements happen in organizations which you can adopt very easily with just a very little research. If you are the one to adopt that change quickly and effectively then, your stature will rise in the eyes of other coworkers and they will start to give you more respect.


As I have mentioned in an above chapter that time which is lost due to ineffective communication is very crucial because most of the modern organizations run on very tight deadlines and if you cannot fit in that tight deadlines and busy schedule then, you will face lots of difficulties but with improved interpersonal skills and proper time management, you can get rid of this problem. If you are able to communicate effectively and you complete everything in first attempt then, it will not only improve your interpersonal skills but it will also increase your hype in organization.

There is a saying that “Good communicators are made not born”
If that is true then, no matter how bad communicator yo9u have been in the past but you should never lose hope and give your best effort to improve your communication skills. There is no way that anyone can hold you back from your target and these communication skills are also not very difficult to grasp. All you need is a bit of courage and motivation to learn them.

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