Chapter 8 : Wrapping Up

Now, if you have read and understood this EBook then, you must have known that effective communication has a great and very deep importance in our daily lives. It starts from our very personal relations and it can end up being the CEO of some company.

In almost every step of your life, you will need to communicate and communicate effectively. If you communicated improperly or ineffectively then, it will not only disturb your own life but it can affect lots of other people too. This phenomenon increases the value of effective communication a lot. In this whole EBook, you are given different tactics and tools to measure your own interpersonal communication skills and after measuring you can make them better.

Making all of these skills better is a crucial part of your life which will take time because as it is said that “Anything worthwhile, takes a while”. So if you have been trying to improve your communication and trying to make it more and more effective then, you should stick with the learning procedure. Results will come whether late or early.

Never under estimate yourself by watching to some confident colleague of yours who is closer to your boss because it is just a matter of days when you will be in same position but all you need is a bit of excellence from within to motivate. You should make this fact very clear that communication is a thing which you can learn with time and experience. In order to make it happen, you need to follow the above mentioned steps and you will end up as a very effective communicator.

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