Chapter 4 : Expand Your Mind


Have you ever desired to have a carefree, passionate and fun-loving personality, however felt it wasn’t “you”, or were upset about the implications?

There's a way to have an originative, cheerful life-style with plenty of happiness and meaning in life and yet be a responsible individual.

Expand Your Brain

It begins with believing and trying fresh things. That simple? Well, it doesn’t all occur overnight, but it may start overnight, and go along for the rest of your life if you wish.

In order for your life to enlarge, your brain needs to expand. Simply like with exercising, once you urge your muscles, they grow. It’s the same with your brain; once you think or try fresh things, your brain expands. And an extended brain is an enriched brain. You become enriched, and so does your life story.

It may lead to passion in life, an extroverted personality; you meet fresh interesting individuals, try fresh fun things, and build self-assurance and self-regard, which all bring you happiness and meaning in life.

How do I put together a passionate life, an extroverted personality? How do I meet fresh interesting individuals, try fresh fun things, build confidence and self-regard, and finally find happiness and a meaningful life?

There are a number of ways to expand your believing and actions in daily life. Trouble is that occasionally we discover ourselves “in a rut” that we simply can’t seem to get out of. What is more, we have a disposition to put on our autopilot and carry out the motions in our lives, without consciously believing about what’s going on around us.

Have you ever been pressing home from work or school, and once you got in, you “snap out of it” and couldn’t recall a thing about the drive? Your automatic pilot kicked in and did the driving for you, and that’s pretty handy, isn’t it?

Hassle is, your brain didn’t expand one little bit on that press home. As a matter of fact, it likely constricted a bitty bit instead. How about next time, you say to yourself “I’m going to try a fresh road home, simply for the fun of it”. What could occur? Well, first of all your automatic pilot is off, so you’re utilizing your conscious brain driving home.

2nd, who knows what you might find on that fresh route? A fresh eating place you haven’t tried? A re-modeled shop that might interest you? Another coffee shop than the one you constantly go to in the morning?

Well, I believe you get the picture. “Must I keep driving that fresh road?” you inquire. No, naturally not, unless you like it better. The point is that you tried something fresh today. You changed your brain in a little way, and that makes it grow.

Moreover, once you decide to try fresh fun things, who knows what lively fresh individuals you might meet along the way?

The sample above speaks more about the mental attitude you picked out, than the modest decision to take a fresh road home. You see, once you begin making minor changes, it gets to be a habit, which leads to greater shifts.

Those greater shifts may lead to all sorts of fantastic things for you. You’ll see more serendipity, creative thinking and passion in your life; you’ll formulate a more outgoing personality and attempting fresh fun things may open the door to meet fresh lively individuals.

In time, this may all build self-assurance and self-regard, and bring expanded happiness and significance to your life. You’ll be believing less “I can’t do that”, and more “Well, simply perhaps I may!”

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