Chapter 7 : Enjoy The Quiet And Be Present


Is school straining you ? Is work annoying you? We all have to have time to ourselves. Even if you're not strained, taking time to be by yourself may be calming and rewarding.

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Make certain that everything else is in check. Even if you're strained or tired, make sure that your house is orderly, so as not to let things prey on you beware while you're enjoying a minute to yourself.

Climb in a bath.

  • As you fill the bathtub, add a few bubbles to the running water.
  • While waiting, read a magazine to pass the time.
  • Light a few scented candles.
  • Dim the lights and get into the tub.
  • Shut your eyes and unwind.
  • Free your brain of any worries. Remove yourself from the rest of the Earth for the next 30 minutes.

Unwind and enjoy yourself.

  • Prepare a pet snack. Enjoy a relaxing herb tea.
  • Watch an old film.
  • Read a short story.
  • Daydream.
  • Contemplate.
  • Take a long snooze.
  • Do zip.

Living with your mind centered on the future causes you to miss out on the here and now and our lives are made out of seconds of now, not of seconds of the future. By living in the future you don’t really live at all.

Naturally, it’d be nice to live so I’m trying to love the journey – the present. Here are a few ways to accomplish that:

Pure centering is bliss. When your thoughts, behaviors and emotions are all directed toward an individual function you're centering and you're in the present. You ought to get lost in your work. Set a deadline for yourself to complete a task and see your level of centering skyrocket.

Two of my acquaintances and I meet up every now and again to discuss business, thoughts, and just random stuff really. It’s reasonably flexible and unprofessional, however we still label it as a organize session.

Although the very construct of a organize session is centered on acquiring results in the future I feel there’s likewise a sense of living in the here and now, as we all simply sit around a table or outdoors on the grass and talk. There’s no fancy technology, really little note taking and it’s simply pure discussion. And possibly most especially: its fun.

Time flies. Find like-minded people and put your heads together.

Being in a hurry doesn’t give you an opportunity to appreciate the present. I realize there are assorted apparent urgencies you might feel in your life. I find taking things slower and merely being patient more rewarding.

Slow down the speed of life.

When you introduce balance into your life you get mindful of what you’re doing, giving you an opportunity to acknowledge seconds for what they are: precious gifts of chronology. Don’t let anything devour your life.

Realize what you want the future to hold and set a plan to oblige that. This gives you perhaps the most potent tool in accomplishment: certainty.

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