Chapter 5 : Get Off The Couch And Get Outside


If you’re plunked down on a sofa or chair right now, encircled by 4 walls and a ceiling, you’re not solo. In fact, this is the #1 anti-activity — seated disease. It’s the top reason more and more of us have no passion. Our progressively homebound, car-bound, office-bound, computer-bound life-style takes up a lot of our lives.

Do Something Different

This isn't what our bodies or brains were built for. For the huge majority of humankind’s history, we spent our days doing outside forcible labor. Our sedentary life-style is a fresh arrival —but we’ve surely accepted it!

Convenience might be good, but lack of daily action isn’t. Sedentary living has been associated to every major health disorder of our times: as well as lack of passion.

Get outside! Switch off the television, push the ottoman away from the couch, lace your shoes and get outdoors for at least half-hour a day, plus a couple of hours every weekend.

Sure, we understand, you don’t have to go outside to get a great workout.

But simply looking at flowers alleviates depression and sparks creativity.

There’s no research to affirm it, but it makes intuitive sense that time spent outside adds to good health, higher relaxation, more fitness, or more passion. After all, whether you’re walking, gardening, biking, or simply getting the mail, being outside inherently means becoming more active than being indoors. It’s not on any medical group’s prescribed recommendations, but we say, make ‘more time outside’ among your top passion-improvement goals.

Here are thoughts to help you accomplish just that:

Get on outside clothes the minute you come home from work. For many of us, work-clothing is inside clothes. Make it a ritual: arrive home, right away switch into a tee shirt and shorts, and begin the 2nd part of your day anew.

Hold crucial gear by the door. Outside shoes, dark glasses, a brimmed hat, sun block, and bug repellent all are crucial summer outside gear. Have them all prepared in the same place by your back entrance.

Match eating time with outside time. Dinner took twenty minutes? Then walk for twenty minutes outside right away after eating.

Garden in little batches. Most of us lay aside gardening jobs for the weekend. The result: many hours of difficult work, the last few not really fun. Alternatively, garden in 30-minute spurts all week long.

This will get you outside more often, and you’ll never get bored or fatigued as of the brevity of the job. Best of all, come the weekend, your yard and garden will require only a little work, leaving you more time for play!

Adopt more nature walks. If you’ve adopted walking as part of your regimen, fantastic!

Put together a toy box. What do you love doing outside? Whether it’s golfing, rehearsing your fishing fly casting, doing watercolors, shooting basketballs, playing badminton, playing with your dog, have your gear in a bin near your back entrance, ready for instant use.

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