Chapter 4 : Different Yoga Schools

Nowadays, yoga has become a well-known term, and people have gotten awareness about it. Contrarily, in old times, not so many people were familiar with it and only a few had a vivid idea about its beneficial aspects.

The history of yoga emerging in the western world goes back to 1890s when Swami Vivekananda travelled the Americas and Europe for the first time. In 1900s, Indians started practicing yoga and a health yoga movement was started by Dean Ornish in 1980s. Presently, yoga has stepped into gyms, and every gymnasium seems to have a yoga teacher who makes the members practice various techniques of yoga and teaches them how they can make their yoga super beneficial for them.

Not only, gyms, but many health spas and cruises as well, have facilities to teach people the ways of practicing yoga and making it useful for them. A whole lot of yoga schools are also working nowadays. They have their own way to deal with students and different yoga schools, and their teachings vary from one another in many aspects.

If you want to make your health better, it is never too late. You can start right now and join a yoga school in your locality. Different yoga schools and their teachings are helpful in maintaining ideal health and the techniques you learn there are worth practicing. If you join an ordinary gym, it is also not a bad idea. However, don't you feel it is a bit of a conventional method? Come on, the world has progressed and people prefer going for fast methods. Work smartly and join a yoga school. In an ordinary gym, it becomes a bit boring for you to practice those repetitive exercises every day. Conversely, in the case of yoga, there are thousands of techniques and exercises that can try out, and you never get fed up with practicing similar one daily. A yoga teacher is always there for you to help out. If you have any difficulty in trying a technique, you can consult your teacher. He can demonstrate you and make you learn that quickly.

Apart from these, yoga schools are laced with all the essential facilities required for practicing different yoga techniques. Your demonstrator not only makes you learn several ways of yoga exercises but also advises you which yoga technique you need to practice making your health better. These demonstrators are highly skilled and experienced in their field. They possess understanding about their students and their requirements. So, different yoga schools and their teachings are best for maintaining your health in no time.

Talking about the benefits of yoga, in the next chapter we find a plethora of them. Yoga helps you in deep breathing. This way, you can improve oxygen absorption and conversions, blood circulation, relax your muscles and make your brain activity better. Hot yoga and Bikram yoga are known to have these tremendous effects on your body. These are most popular yoga techniques and give exceptional results. So, check your nearby different yoga schools and their teachings. Select one which suits you and enjoy some marvelous yoga techniques now.

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