The body is like a mass of rock waiting to be carved and shaped into an artwork. Likewise, working out your body is like accomplishing an architectural work complete with columns, beams, frames, and studs, computed for design and strength.

As sculpturing and architecture are both arts and sciences, so is body building. When we workout our muscles, we should focus on form, essence, grace, and strength. It is possible to possess great-looking muscles, but the health benefits do not always come along with it, as we shall explain later in this book.

Various people take up bodybuilding for different reasons. Majority of them do it for physical attraction. Good health only comes second.

We shall discuss the rationale behind muscle sculpturing, the where’s and how’s to start, and great ways to maintain your stunning physique throughout life. When bodybuilding is armed with a life philosophy, it becomes like your skin. You “wear” it everyday, proudly and confidently.

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