Contrary to common view, a bodybuilder’s diet is not all meat and dairy. Even in this discipline, a balanced diet is essential. Proteins can be absorbed by the body effectively only through the help of other nutrients, like fibers.

A bodybuilder’s diet seems very much like any other healthy diet, except that carbohydrates are considerably lesser. A healthy balance of meats, fats, vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates is still necessary.

Some trainers urge their trainees to eat more vegetables than meat, and consume minimal amount of dairy products like cheese. Meat here means more chicken and fish, and less pork and beef.

It is always best to consult a nutritionist who is also knowledgeable in weight lifting or at least one who is into sports. Chances are that they would advice you to maintain a balanced diet. A healthy body is definitely a “must-have” when you’re into bodybuilding. To have a healthy body, you need to eat healthy.


Eat plenty of proteins.

Protein is needed for muscle development; but proteins, and any nutrient for that matter, must be eaten in a balanced manner. The rule of thumb is that any food has to be taken in moderation. Too much of anything becomes poison. Too much protein stored in the body may cause ailments. Some say one cause of Alzheimer’s is too much proteins in the body. Doctors say too much lean meat may cause prostate cancer in men. Besides, protein should be taken along with vegetables rich in fibers for good body absorption. The best protein sources are fish, chicken (minus the skin), and bean curds or tofu. Yogurt is also an excellent source. Eat beef and pork occasionally. Remember that your protein intake must be balanced with vegetables.

All you need are proteins.

Protein is important in muscle building, but it’s not the only one. Equally important are other nutrients, like calcium. You need calcium to strengthen your bones. Strong bones are as important as muscles when you’re lifting weights. If your bones are weak, they may crack under the weight of whatever it is you are lifting. Excellent sources of calcium are yogurt, shellfish, and milk.

Eat fats because they can turn into muscles.

Fats never turn into muscles. In fact, you have to burn lots of them before you can put on muscles. Eat fats in minimal amounts. Good cholesterol, however, is good for your heart. A good heart is necessary in bodybuilding.

Fruits and vegetables don’t count much in bodybuilding.

On the contrary, you need lots of them to achieve good digestion and a healthy immune system. A bodybuilder needs good breathing exercises for oxygen supply. If you don’t build up your immune system, you would easily inhale disease-causing elements in the air when you do deep breathing. This is especially so when your gym is slightly air-conditioned. Moreover, vegetable and fruit fibers help your intestine absorb more nutrients (like protein) for your body.

Carefully plan what you eat

There’s a lot of fuss about food preparation when it relates to muscle development. Hence, many people get discouraged at merely seeing the tiring and costly food planning and programming. Some bodybuilding menus show very expensive food preparations. The suggestion often is that you have to cook your own meals. That’s a waste of time! The best thing to do is eat balanced meals. As long as you have fish, vegetables, fruits, and some carbohydrates every meal, you’re ready for muscle building. You may add dairy products, eggs, beef, chicken, and pork in your diet occasionally. You may also take synthetic vitamin supplements, but only when your doctor prescribes it. Better yet, take natural food supplements equally full of nutrition. WARNING: Steroids and other drugs not prescribed by your doctor for bodybuilding are definitely out!

Drink plenty of health drinks

All you need is clean and pure water. Drinking health drinks now and then are good, but they’re not necessities. If you crave for these drinks, choose unsweetened natural fruit juices.

Citrus fruits lessen muscle bulkiness

Nothing can be farther from the truth. Natural citrus fruits and drinks do nothing harmful or contradictory to your bodybuilding program. They are good immune system boosters. Most citrus fruits even help you burn fats. Take natural rather than flavored fruit drinks.

Eat a lot to build muscles

Just eat enough. When your stomach (not mouth) is satisfied, stop eating. If possible, don’t drink water until at least 30 to 40 minutes after meals. This practice promotes complete digestion without the digestive acids and enzymes being watered down. Eat apples or bananas when you get hungry in-between meals.

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