Chapter 7 : CONCLUSION

Health is important. There is no question about this. Often, eating healthy foods is not enough. Even doctors will tell you a healthy diet must be coupled with regular exercise. There are three options in physical fitness:

  1. The seasonal – This means you just want to have a physical exercise component for your healthy diet. You are not really an exercise buff, but you do it for the sake of good health.
  2. The trimmers – You exercise to stay trim. You’re not after bulkiness or definition of muscles; you just want to avoid getting overweight. Most probably, you dread the cost of being hospitalized due to heart or blood pressure ailments, or you have seen patients suffering from fatal diseases due to being overweight.
  3. The maximizers – Your opinion is, “If I’m going to start exercising, I might as well maximize on it. I don’t want to just feel healthy. I want to look and feel strong and healthy.”

When you are a maximizer, you get the combined benefits of being a seasonal, a trimmer, and a maximizer.  So why not go for the third option? A graceful body figure offers both the feeling and look of good health. You can have the muscular body you have long been dreaming of if you start now, regardless of your age. 

The methods and techniques laid out in this book can be done alternately for best results. The warm ups, weightlifting, aerobics, isometrics, and the device-less methods can all be done on a scheduled program to get the optimum results. When you combine the four workout systems featured in this book (weights, sit-ups, isometrics, and device-less), you will build muscle size, contour, and muscle power. A truly stunning physique is not just one that is covered with muscles from head to foot. A stunning physique has the look and feel of power.

They say the maximum weight you can lift must not exceed your body weight. Some bodybuilders who depend on weight lifting (and who at times lift weights heavier than they are) claim to experience bone weakness despite the abundance of rippling muscles. Some blame this on lifting very heavy weights. There is no medical explanation yet on whether this is so or not. This book, which endorses weights, non-weights, and isometrics to be incorporated in a program, aims to address both muscle power and bone strength. Isometrics toughen the bones by affecting the ligaments that attach to them. When done with perseverance, these systems will bring out your full body potentials.

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