Chapter 10 : Live And Breathe Your Brand


One way of ensuring the confidence and loyalty of potential customers is to utilize the product sold personally. When potential customers see the personal confidence placed on the product because of the personal use angle they will be more eager to try the product.

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Also by using the product personally, one can confidently attest to its advantages and play down the disadvantages without seeming dishonest.

Personal experiences are always an invaluable element to inject into a sales pitch. In seeing the actual physical use and results of the product the potential customer is more likely to try the product with a more confident mind set, and therefore subconsciously adding to the success rate of the desired effects.

By encouraging all those involved in promoting the product to first be a user of the product the wisdom behind this thinking is that the style and demeanor applied during the sales pitch would be more convincing when compared to someone who does not use the product personally before attempting to sell it.

Also when the individual attempting to sell the product is already a user, it enables him or her to answer any questions about the product confidently and fairly accurately when questioned by a potential customer.

It is also a learning and discovering process for the user. Other advantages may be learnt and so contributing to the further enhancement towards the features of the said product.

From an advertising angle, using the product personally can also contribute to the making of a more realistic based advert.

The branding element will have added power behind the exercise if the fact is prominently advertised that the said product is used and happily accepted by its sellers. This kind of “free” advertising is similar to if not actually endorsing the capabilities of a product to its best advantage.

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