Chapter 11 : How Not Branding Can Spell Disaster


Because of the high costs incurred in the branding exercises a lot of companies shy away from using this method when reaching out to potential customers. The cost of a branding exercise also affects the final price of the said product.

What You Need To Know

Not branding a product is also not the best of ideas as there are a lot of relating factors that can cause the loss of potentially huge customer bases.

Branding contributes to the strength of the product in the market place where there is probably a variety of other products touting the same advantages in their products too. Therefore by using the branding method to capture the awareness of the potential customers, wisdom is shown, as it undoubtedly creates the brand presence in the target’s mind.

To ensure the positive perception of the quality of the product, one needs that advantage to using branding. When the target customer base is focus on the advantages portrayed in the branding exercise, it is more than likely the potential customer will end up choosing the said product when the comparison is made to other limitedly or non existence of the branding element.

Disaster is very likely in terms of garnering the loyalty factor if branding is not used. With successful branding styles the seller is able to bank on the repeat behavior pattern of the customer base. This in turn will ensure long term success of the product with repeat usage and sales.

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