Chapter 7 : Use Videos


Using videos as an effective tool in branding, advertising, and self promotion is fast gaining popularity in the world of media today. Understanding the importance of the media contributions to the success of any endeavor is indeed practicing wisdom at its highest levels.

Visual Aids

Although using video facilities has been around for sometime it has yet to achieve the recognition it is merited. Those who use this form of media for networking, branding and advertising purposes understand its particular advantages.

Perhaps one very important reason to consider using video as a form of media exposure is the fact that most of the world’s population today can relate to pictures and sounds.

Though reading the written word is still popular, a large percentage of media users prefer the visual form of acquiring the latest information as compared to having to spend time reading a fair bit of information to attain the same amount of information.

Besides being more pleasing to the eye, there are also a lot of other advantages that can be obtained by using video as a form of media communication.

The element of creativity can be explored without any inhibitions which may apply to the written word. By using video to get an idea or message across to the receiving party the creativity essence can be released, and this can take many forms like animations, projection filming, cartoon characters and many more. All these contribute not only to the intensity of the intended message or idea, but also cater ideally to the interest of the current media savvy group of people.

From an eco friendly point of view, using video as a style of media presenting tools, the conservation of raw materials often used for advertising, branding, and self promotions can be decreased considerably. In adopting this method of media coverage the individual shows a lot of wisdom.

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