Chapter 10 : Budget and Pricing

During the last few years, the price of HDTVs has come down significantly. However, buying a HDTV is still an expensive deal, and you must be prepared for a substantial investment. Buying a right HDTV requires an understanding of your needs and sticking to your budget. It is important that you set a hard price ceiling for yourself, and resolve to stay with it.

Why Is Fixing Your Budget Important?

Different types of HDTVs fall into certain price categories, and their capabilities tend to increase sharply with every thousand dollars up until four thousand. When you choose to go above four thousand dollars, prices increase wildly without any significant return. By fixing a budget for yourself, you can have a clear understanding of what you are looking for, and what you will get.

Include Accessories In Your Budget

While you set a hard-price ceiling for yourself, make sure the price includes all your accessories also such as, stand, cabling etc. Again, if you want to wall mount the HDTV, you must also include the price of hanging-hardware in your budget. Another important consideration could be the cost of getting some kind of HDTV cable or satellite service, as you need to purchase a new receiver box also. You need not buy everything all at once. However, you would certainly like to purchase all the essential things so that you could actually watch something with your initial purchase. Moreover, to enjoy the true effects of a HDTV, you require speakers to produce Dolby digital surround sound. There are various complete audio system packages available in the market in a wide price range. Make a good research before purchasing such an audio system because you can find even some lower-priced systems that are able to produce incredible audio experience with HDTV. 

Where Will You Install Your HDTV?

Space is the primary concern before you fix your budget. You must have a clear understanding of how much space is available to you, and where would you install your new HDTV. You cannot buy a 60-inch rear-projection HDTV for a room that is suitable for a 36-inch HDTV. Therefore, depending upon the room size and viewing distance, first you need to make sure what size of HDTV is most suitable for you. Then you can go ahead and fix your budget. If your room size and the viewing distance allow, you can of course look for the bigger ones. Set your budget accordingly.

Choosing the Right HDTV as Per Your Budget

Once, you have a clear idea of what size of HDTV is appropriate for you, selecting a right HDTV mainly becomes the game of price. The following points will help you select the appropriate HDTV that falls within your budget.

For Screen Sizes Smaller Than 40 Inches

If you are looking for an HDTV with screen size up to 36 inches, CRT is the best bang for your buck. In terms of picture quality, every new technology is compared to CRTs. For a 36-inch HDTV CRT is undoubtedly the best choice. The biggest drawback of HDTV based on CRT is its mass and weight. Therefore, if you want something thin and flat, LCD is the ideal HDTV option. They are available in all sizes from as small as 36 inches to 65-inch behemoths. However, LCD TVs give their best performance when their size is smaller than 40 inches. Again, if ambient light is difficult to control in your room, nothing is better than LCD, as it offers bright picture and anti-reflective screens. 

For Screen Sizes Above 40 Inches

If you are looking for screen sizes above 40 inches, Plasma Display Panels i.e. PDP is a better option. Plasma TVs are available in as small a size as 42 inches. Because of the intense competition in the market, the price of Plasma TVs has come down significantly. Especially, the price of some 50-inch PDPs is now almost half of what they used to be a few years ago. However, the bigger models are still expensive. The intense competition has also resulted in better picture quality and increased longevity. The 42-inch HD plasmas are also one of the most favorite displays for watching DVD movies.

For Big-screen HDTVs

When it comes to big-screen HDTVs, nothing can beat rear-projection televisions i.e. RPTVs. The available sizes of RPTVs range from 42 inches to 70 inches. No doubt, the viewing angles of Plasma displays are unmatched. However, with proper placement and seating position, you can exceed the image quality of any RPTV.

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