Chapter 14 : The Future of HDTV

HDTV is gaining popularity rapidly, despite the faster implementation of new technologies in HDTV, unresolved issues regarding the copy protection of DTV content and the slow deployment of content distribution. Each brand of HDTV has an amazing line up of newer and more astounding products with astounding features and upgrades.

Latest HDTVs from Leading Companies

Thomson will release two new state-of-art DPL units at 50” costing $3999 and 60” costing $4999. They have light engines with a 6-segment color wheel spinning at 7200rpm. These TV’s have an Ethernet port to connect a home network and inbuilt IE web-browser for internet surfing using a broadband connection.

Toshiba has come out with a very high rated and expensive LCOS HDTV that is fast becoming popular. Philips Cineos line of LCOS HDTV coming out later this year with a single chip are expected to be promising claiming to be noise free and rainbow free too.

Samsung is all set to create a furor with the HLN4365W, the thin-bezel HLN467 and HLN567. It is also trying to keep the customers satisfied offering added features, electronic swap outs, and upgrading existing DLP set owners.

Sony range of CRT HDTV has received some rave reviews from critics.

Entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban figured out that HDTV is a great way to make money as its future has so much potential. He runs the sports driven HDTV network on DirecTV called HDNET. It broadcasts HDTV programming as well as live NHL, baseball games and extreme sports. According to Cuban, the biggest challenge is to find content that is affordable relative to the number of subscribers. The popularity of HDTV and the increase in its sales will have a definite negative impact on those channels that do not broadcast in HDTV format. Cuban expresses his view in a interview with, that as more and more sports bars buy HDTV, more customers are lured to buy HDTV and experience its amazing features at the comfort of their homes. Once people experience HDTV they are like addicts, they cannot do without a HDTV of their own. The reason why HDTV is so different from analog TV is its high quality, picture perfect content that has to be experienced to be believed. The popularity of HDTV has got the big advertisers interested in HDTV because of its marketing potential.

Channels like CBS have already figured out the earning potential of HDTV programs and have spent billions of dollars in HDTV content development and programming. If greater quantity of high quality HD content is developed at affordable rates and adequate intellectual property protection and home recording rights are established, the future of HDTV will be one to reckon with. Anticipating a boom in the HDTV industry several producers and filmmakers are busy developing quality HD content. The popularity of HDTV has made several shows broadcast in HD like ‘JAG,’ and ‘Just Shoot Me.’ There are rumors that Discovery is expected to launch a new channel in HDTV format called Discovery HD Theater.

Should the price be more affordable, lots of people will definitely enjoy watching HDTV. Cable and satellite providers should show more interest and invest in HDTV in order for HDTV to really have an impact in the average American home.

Those who have experienced HDTV will buy a HDTV despite the cost as these HDTVs really have to be seen to be believed, so perfect is the display with crystal clear pictures. If HD content is developed faster, distributed at affordable rates, HDTV will definitely be the TV of the future.

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