Chapter 12 : Accessories for HDTV

Once you opt for a HDTV after making an informed decision, it is necessary that you buy some essential accessories in order to enjoy a HDTV experience. Once content is received via cable, satellite or an over-the-air broadcast, whether an inbuilt HD tuner is available or the content provider supplies a set-top box, certain accessories are needed to enhance the viewing experience.  With the use of the right accessories, HDTV is all that it promises to be, a truly remarkable and breathtaking experience. Some accessories are:

  • AV HDMI-to-DVI Cables: The latest and most recent set-top boxes, DVD players, HDTV’s are all equipped with the advance all digital HDMI connection for video hookups. However, some older versions are equipped with just a DVI jack. AV HDMI-to-DVI converter cables have a DVI plug on one end and a HDMI plug on another end helping to connect a HDMI display to a DVI source or vice versa.
  • Cable HDMI-DVI Adapters: When the content supplier provides a set-top box with the latest HDMI port with a suitable cable but the HDTV has an older DVI Connector, the cable HDMI-DVI Adapter comes in handy to convert the DVI jack to a HDMI version.
  • AV DVI Dual-Link Cables: This cable is suited when the HDTV and DVD player both have DVI jacks. It is also used for DVI-equipped pc monitors and video cards.
  • Cable HDMI cables: If the HDTV, set-top box, DVD player and AV receiver all have HDMI jacks this cable, available in multiple lengths, comes in handy to inter connect all the equipments.
  • AV Component Video Cable: In case the DVD player or the HDTV monitors do not have either a HDMI or a DVI jack. This cable delivers HD signal to older equipment although the connection is analog rather than digital.
  • Digital Video Essentials calibration DVD: This calibrator offers the best combination of reliable test patterns and in-depth information for those who like to improve the picture quality by trying out do-it yourself calibration.
  • DTV1 Outdoor Antenna: An Outdoor antenna yields the best possible reception and this one is especially designed to maximize digital signal strength.
  • ZHDTV1 Silver Sensor Indoor Antenna: This is a stylish, affordable alternate to an outdoor antenna. It can be connected easily to a HD tuner of a HDTV or a set-top box.
  • HDMI Switcher (EXT-HDMI241): When the HDTV monitor has a single input, and it is necessary to connect a DVD player and a Set-top box, this switcher helps toggle between the two HDMI sources.
  • DVI HDTV Switcher (EXT-HDTV-241): When you need to switch between multiple DVI enabled devices this switcher gets the job done.

These are a few of the essential accessories needed to enhance the performance of a HDTV. With all the right accessories, viewing a HDTV will be an unforgettable experience and worth every cent spent on purchasing it.

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