Chapter 6 : Remembering Names with Ease


In this chapter, you are going to learn how to use our mind to remember names and will be covering the following:-

Virtual Systems

Remembering a Girl’s name


One’s ability to sufficiently recall people’s names will serve him/her well particularly in social settings. Take heed when someone else is being introduced to you. Several minutes after your meeting try to recall the name on your own. Incase you can’t remember, try to strike a conversation with this individual once more. And this time you may ask for his/her name but in a clever way which will not make the individual know your intentions. Jot down this new name at least thrice while placing the individual’s face in memory. This should be done promptly as you meet up with the individual.

You can further ask how to spell hard to grasp names. One may take a quick glance at the individual’s business card for the same, but this is only if the same is offered. If you discern spellings of sentences and sufficiently picture the same in your mind it would be much simple to remember afterwards.

One can further connect particular names to general sentences that are much easy to recall. For instance, an individual known as Gratiano could be sounded as ‘grate I know’ for better recollection.

Moreover, you can sufficiently make a direct connection to ones vocational center or hobby. For instance, ‘Will the steel’ may assist you sufficiently memorize the name of a friend who owns a steel mill.

Jotting down new names is usually a very sufficient memorizing procedure which doesn’t necessitate lots of effort from the individual. For actual reminiscence boost, one should check out any significant book concerned with using mnemonic appliances or strategies.

Other Virtual Systems

Always picture specific names in your own mind; then afterwards focus on every letter found on the alphabetic sequence as you think through names which begin with that particular letter. For instance, for the letter ‘A’ names to be considered include Allison, Ariel or Aimee amongst others.

As you continuously progress all through the alphabetical order, you may access a couple of letters which will ‘feel right’ to you. Here, one should sufficiently narrow down results to these letters, and persist with actual focus. This name can pop up in you head when you are in need of it.

You may also want to Google whatever you may be knowing concerning this individual, apart from his/her name. Narrow down and optimize your search keywords for the best results. Search for particular combinations of sentences which would sufficiently describe the individual. These may include the individual’s hobby, address, occupation or registered clubs.

In addition, you can vocalize words to make them more memorable. Utter the material out loudly. This will allow you to sufficiently see matter and also hear the same. Auditory learners will learn a lot through this system as it’s geared for acoustic message deciphering.

You can repeat similar processes with all of your senses for better understanding. Write the stuff all through the computer or paper sheet while reciting it externally.

Through using the tactile logic of creating words along with aural sense of vocalizing these terminologies, the data will sufficiently be reinforced in your mind’s recollection system.

A recent study reveals that up to 50% of individuals who utilize this particular system of material review, incorporating most of their senses will retain more data than others who ignore it. You can also practice on skills necessary in memory retention through participating in several online games intended for this particular purpose. These may include chess and drive races, amongst others.

Always remember that people are different and would retain more information in their own unique ways. While one individual may be interested in auditory learning the other can prefer visually illustrative diagrams. However, there are individuals who will blend diverse memorization systems for the best results.

Remembering a girl’s name

It is quite embarrassing for one to meet up with a beautiful girl who supplies you with her contact but just as you are planning to give her a call the name disappears from your memory. Apart from enhancing social interactions with significant others, remembering the lady’s name will make her like you even more

  • Always vocally repeat this name back to her immediately she has passed over the same to you. For instance, you can say ‘it’s a pleasure to meet with you, Sandra;’ instead of plainly saying ‘it’s so good to see you.’ This shall aid in imprinting memory of the said name over to your mind.
  • Moreover, you can also link her name using another word which rhymes or a sentence which starts with exact letters as those of her name, plus appropriately describes her look and personality in one way or another. You should conduct this simple process inside your head and not vocally.
  • It works perfect if the remark is an entity which can clearly be pictured in your brain. One should picture the individual alongside a pictorial representation of words that have been selected in the mind. Imprinting a worthy image at your mind is vital in boosting memory.
  • If the name proves to be difficult to remember then you may want to inquire more about its origins. Strange names are particularly difficult to recall, therefore you’ll need to get extra background information to assist you.

Jot down the given name alongside other related associations made soon after your encounter has been completed, and you’ve move away from her. Saying, seeing or hearing ones name alongside thinking about the same are all vital in recalling a woman’s name.

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