Chapter 9 : Wrapping Up

There is a saying that goes ‘we are who we are because of the decisions we made in life and should never blame anyone for where we are at present.’ The ability to use our mind & memory are vital in determining the direction our lives would take.

What Is Your Personality Like?

We are either introverts or extroverts and our behaviors are directed by either of these categories. Introverted individuals tend to keep to themselves and are not comfortable around many people; nonetheless this should not be taken to mean that they are bad.

On the other hand, extroverts are outgoing and like situations where the attention is focused on them. They tend to have many ‘loose’ friendship contacts as compared to the other group where individuals form few ‘close’ relationships with significant others in their lives.

Research shows that introverts are generally artistic and most of the musicians, writers and painters fall under this category. On the other hand, extroverts are more comfortable as leaders and may turn out to be activists, politicians or any other profession which focuses on the masses.

Getting In Touch With Our Past

Whether we know it or not our childhood experiences have a great influence on our behavioral trends in adulthood. If you suspect to be suffering from unexplainable psychological dysfunctions such as phobias, then it’s advisable to seek the advice of a trained psychologist for additional help.

Improving on Memory

Just like any other muscle in our body the mind will function at its best when appropriately exercised. Mental workouts such as reading or playing cognitive games like chess would increase the flow of blood to your brain; this will consequently lead to improved memory.

Remember to frequently exercise and also mind your diet. Proper physical exercise affects all aspects of your being, including mind and body. For instance, repeated jogging would create a persistent mental state that would lead to discipline. On the physical side one would develop much stronger muscles and be able to breathe better.

Discovering Our Inner Self

Those who realize their true self are generally more settled in life than others. Their relations are stable and they also enjoy career paths that have been chosen. This process requires one to engage in deep meditation to find out his/her strengths and weaknesses both physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically. It is only then that you can choose career paths or form relationships that you can handle with ease.

In some instances, spirituality can help us be ‘in touch with ourselves.’ When we believe in a higher being than our selves we would dedicate ourselves towards discovering the hidden truth according to this superior force. Again, this to a large extent depends on the person’s own belief system. An atheist will definitely not need spirituality as a means of realizing self actualization. We were all created with some aspect of uniqueness in us which can’t be duplicated by anyone else. Our responsibility is discovering this aspect of us and making good use of it.

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