Chapter 4 : Practical Action


Man lives to move onward, to move onward is to live more. To live more is to be more and do more; and its being and doing that establishes the path to happiness. The more you are the more you do, the richer your life, the better your joy. But being and doing must always live together as one.

To attempt to be much and not try to do much is to discover life a barren waste. To attempt to do much and not try to be much is to find life a burden too heavy and tedious to bear. The being of much gives the necessary motivation and the necessary power to the doing of much. The doing of much gives the essential expression to the being of much. And it's the bringing forth of being through the act of doing that produces happiness. Being much gives capacity for doing much.

Doing much gives manifestation to the richest and the best that's inside us. And the more we better the richness of that which is inside us, the more we better our happiness, provided we increase, in the same proportion, the expression of that greater richness.

Using The Mind

In the present age, it's the power of mind that rules the world, and consequently it's evident that he who's acquired the best use of the power of mind, will realize the greatest success, and reach the highest places that attainment and accomplishment hold in store. The man who wins is the man who may apply in practical life each part of his mental ability, and who may make each action of his mind tell.

We occasionally question why there are so many capable men and admirable women who don't reach those places in life that they appear to deserve, but the answer is simple. They don't apply the power of mind as they ought to. Their abilities and qualities are either misguided or applied only in part. These individuals, however, shouldn't permit themselves to become dissatisfied with fate, but ought to remember that each individual who learns to make full use of the power of their brain will reach their goal; they'll realize their desire and will positively win.

Broadly speaking, we might say that the power of mind is the sum-total of all the forces of the mental world, including those forces that are employed in the process of thinking. The power of mind includes the power of the will, the power of want, the power of feeling, and the power of thought. It includes conscious action in all its phases and subconscious action in all its phases.

To utilize the power of the brain, the first essential is to direct every mental action towards the goal in view, and this direction must not be occasional, but constant. Most minds, however, don't apply this law. They consider a particular thing one moment, and about something else the next moment. At a certain hour, their mental actions work along a particular line, and at the next hour those actions work along another line. We know, however, that each individual who’s actually working himself or herself steadily toward the goal they’ve in view, invariably directs all the power of their thought on that goal.

In using the power of mind, the first question to answer is what we truly want to accomplish; and when this question is answered, the one thing that’s wanted ought to be fixed so clearly in thought that it may be seen by the mind's eye each minute.

When we know what we want, and proceed to work for it with all the power that's in us, we may rest assured that we'll get it. When we direct the power of thinking, the power of will, the power of mental action, the power of want, the power of aspiration, all the power we possess on the one thing we wish, success in a greater measure must be gained.

If you've a particular ambition or a certain desire, consider that ambition at all times. Keep that dream before your mind constantly, and don't hesitate to make your dream as high as possible. The higher you aim, the greater your accomplishments.

The principle is to direct the power of brain on the very highest mental conception of that which we mean to achieve. Positive attitude is indicated by the feeling of a firm, determined fullness throughout the nervous system. When each nerve feels full, strong and determined, you're in the positive attitude, and whatever you might do at the time will produce results along the line of your ambition. When you're in a positive frame of mind you're never nervous or disturbed, you're never agitated or straining; in fact, the more positive you are the deeper your composure and the better your control over your whole system. The positive mind is always in harmony with itself, while the negative mind is always out of harmony, and thereby loses the greater part of its power.

To develop positivism it's essential to cultivate those qualities that constitute positivism. Make it a point to give your whole attention to what you wish to achieve, and give that attention firmness, calmness and determination. Attempt to provide depth to each desire till you feel as if all the powers of your system were acting, not on the surface, but from the greater world inside.

Make each mental action constructive, and a constructive mental action is one that's based upon a deep seated desire to develop, to increase, to accomplish, to attain -- in brief, to become larger and greater, and to do something of far greater value than has been done before.

In the proper utilization of the mind therefore, these 3 essentials ought to be applied constantly and thoroughly. First, direct all the powers of mind, all the powers of thought, and all your thinking on the goal you've in view. Second, train each mental action to be deeply and calmly positive. Third, train each mental action to be constructive, to be filled with a building spirit, to be motivated with a continuous desire to develop the greater, to achieve the greater, to attain the greater. When you've acquired these 3, you'll begin to utilize your forces in such a way that results must follow.

When we analyze the minds of people who have failed, we invariably find that they're either negative, non-constructive or adrift. Their forces are scattered, and what is in them is rarely applied constructively. There's an emptiness about their personality that indicates negativeness. There's an uncertainty in their facial expression that indicates the absence of definite ambition. There's nothing of a positive, determined nature going on in their mental world.

What these individuals ought to do, is to proceed directly to comply with the 3 essentials mentioned above. They'll soon cease to drift, and will then start to make their own life, their own conditions, and their own future.

When you start to make a positive determined use of those powers in yourself that are already in Positive action, you draw forth into action powers inside you that have been sleeping, and as this process continues, you'll discover that you'll accumulate volume, capacity and power in your mental world, till you finally become a mental giant. As you start to grow and become more capable, you'll find that you will meet better and better opportunities, not only opportunities for promoting outside success, but opportunities for further building yourself up along the lines of ability, capacity and talent.

The positive and constructive utilization of the power of mind, with a definite goal in sight will invariably result in advancement, attainment and achievement, but if we wish to utilize that power in its full capacity, the action of the mind must be deep. In addition to the right utilization of the mind, we must also learn the full use of mind, and as the full use means the use of the totally mind, the deeper mental fields and forces, as well as the usual mental fields and forces, it's necessary to understand the subconscious as well as the conscious.

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