Chapter 5 : Training The Subconscious


When you've made up your mind what you wish to do, say to yourself a 1000 times a day that you will do it. The best way will soon open. You'll have the opportunity you want.

If you would be greater in the future than you are today, be all that you may be today. He who's his best develops the power to be better. He who lives his ideals is producing a life that really is ideal.

There's nothing in your life that you can't modify, alter or better when you learn to regulate your thought. Our destiny isn't mapped out for us by some outside power; we map it out for ourselves. What we think and do in the present decides what shall happen to us in the future.

Underlying Thoughts

When we go forward to train the subconscious for special results, we must always abide by with the following law: The subconscious responds to the impressions, the suggestions, the wants, the anticipations and the directions of the conscious mind. At such times, the mind should be calm and should be conscious of that finer, better something inside.

When you want to direct the subconscious to develop physical health, first picture a clear thought of perfect health. Try to feel perfectly healthy in your mind and then let that feeling sink into your entire physical system. Whenever you feel sickness coming on, you may nip it in the bud by this simple method. If the subconscious is directed to develop more health, added forces of health will soon start to come from inside, and abolish any disorder or ailment that might be on the verge of getting a foothold in the body.

Always recall that whatever is imprinted on the subconscious will after some time be expressed from the subconscious; and where the physical circumstances that you want to remove are small, enough subconscious power may be aroused to restore prompt order and wholeness.

When the condition you want to remove has continued for some time, however, repeated efforts might be required to cause the subconscious to act in the matter. But, if you continue to direct the subconscious to take away that condition, it positively will be removed.

The subconscious doesn't merely posses the power to remove unsuitable conditions from the physical or mental state. It may likewise produce those better conditions that we want, and develop further those suitable conditions that we already possess. To apply the law for this purpose, deeply desire those conditions that you do want, and have a clear idea in your mind as to what you want those circumstances to be. In presenting the subconscious directions for anything desired, we should always have improvement in mind.

Whatever we consider deeply or intensely, the subconscious will absorb and develop further. Therefore, if we consider our failings, shortcomings or bad habits, the subconscious will take them up and give them more life and activity than they ever had before. If there's anything that we wish to change, we ought to simply proceed to build up what we want and blank out completely what we wish to wipe out. When the good evolves, the bad disappears.

If you have some great aspiration that you wish to realize, direct the subconscious many times every day and every night before you go to sleep; and if you're determined, those things will be forthcoming. It's essential to remember that we have to center on the one thing wanted. If your mind scatters, you’ll confuse the subconscious and it won’t be secured.

If there's any circumstance you desire to get rid of direct the subconscious to give you that information to find a way out. The subconscious can. We all remember the saying, "Where there is a will there is a way”, and it's true. If there's any talent that you wish to evolve further, direct the subconscious daily, and as frequently as possible, to enlarge that talent and to increase its power.

The whole mind, conscious and subconscious, does possess the power to resolve any issue that might come up, or provide the necessary ways and means through which we may finish anything. Practice makes perfect. The more you train the subconscious to work with you, the simpler it becomes to get the subconscious to respond to your directions.

Start by believing that it can do what you've told it to do, and eliminate doubt absolutely. Take several moments daily and suggest to the subconscious what you wish to have done. Be thoroughly sincere in that matter; be determined; have boundless faith, and you may expect results. Always be calm when thinking or suggesting to the subconscious, and it's particularly important that you be deeply calm before you go to sleep.

Don't permit any idea, suggestion or expectation to enter the subconscious unless it's something that you really want, and here we ought to remember that each idea, desire or frame of mind that's deeply felt will enter the subconscious. When there are no results, don't lose faith. Try again.

Always be prepared to provide these methods sufficient time. Whether you secure results as soon as you want or not continue giving your directions daily, fully expecting results. Be determined in each effort you make in this direction, but don't be over-anxious.

Give particular directions to the subconscious daily for the steady improvement of mind, character and personality. Every effort you may make will bring its natural results in due course, provided you're always calm, well balanced, persistent, deeply poised and harmonious in all your thoughts and actions.

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