Chapter 8 : Wrapping Up

To become successful, think what you want to think, regardless what your surroundings might suggest; and continue to think what you wish to think till that particular line of thought or action has been completed.

Desire what you wish to desire and impress that desire so deeply on consciousness that it can't possibly be disturbed by those foreign desires that surroundings might suggest; and continue to express that desire with all the life and power that's in you till you get what you want.

When you know that you're in the right desire, don't permit anything to influence your mind to change. Take such suggestions and convert them into the desire you've already decided upon, thereby giving that desire additional life and power.

Never close your mind to impressions from without. Keep the mind open to the actions of all those worlds that might exist in your sphere and attempt to gain valuable impressions from each source, but don't blindly follow those impressions.

Utilize them constructively in building up your own system of original thought. Think what you wish to think, and so use each impression you receive that you gain greater power to think what you want to think. Thus, you'll gradually become successful.

We all must admit that there's more in man than what is commonly expressed in the average individual. We might differ as to how much more, but we must concur that the more should be developed, expressed and applied in everyone.

It's wrong, both to the individual and to the race, for anybody to remain in the lesser when it's possible to attain the greater. It's right that we all ought to ascend to the higher, the greater and the better today.

And we all can.

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