Chapter 7 : Achieving Desires


The fact that you've failed to get the lesser proves conclusively that you deserve the greater. So consequently, dry those tears and go in search of the more desirable prize.

Count nothing lost; even the day that sees “no worthy action done” might be a day of preparation and accumulation that will add greatly to the accomplishments of tomorrow. Many a day was made famous since nothing was done the day before. Know what you desire and continue to desire it. You'll get it if you combine desire with faith. The power of desire when blended with faith becomes invincible. A few of the principal reasons why so many fail to get what they desire is because they don't definitely know what they want or because they change their wants almost daily.

Desire And Faith

The purpose of desire is to inform man what he needs at each particular moment to supply the demands of change and growth in his life; and in promoting that purpose, desire provides expression to its two leading functions. The 1st of these is to give the forces of the human system something definite to do, and the 2nd is to arouse those forces or faculties that have the innate power to do what is to be done. In exercising its 1st function, desire not only raises concentration of action among the forces in man, but likewise causes those forces to work for the thing that's wanted. Therefore, it's readily understood why the wish, if strong, positive, determined and continuous, will tend to bring forth the thing longed-for.

If you are able to cause all the elements and powers in your being to work for the one thing that you desire you are almost certain to get it. We'll take, for instance, a man who is not earning as much as he feels that he requires. Naturally, he will start to desire more money; and we'll suppose that this want becomes stronger and stronger till it actually stirs every atom of his being.

Now what occurs? He is not only arousing a good deal of latent and unused energy, but all of his active energy is becoming more alive. But what becomes of all this energy? It goes directly into his moneymaking faculties, and tends to better decidedly the life, the power, the capacity and the efficiency of those faculties.

There's in each mind a particular group of faculties that's made by nature for financial purposes. In some minds, these faculties are small and sluggish, while in other minds they're big and active. And that the latter kind ought to be able to make more revenue and accumulate things in a greater measure is quite natural. But is it possible to take those faculties that are little and sluggish and make them big and active? If so, those who now have restricted means might in the course of time have abundance.

To answer this question, we'll ask what it is that may arouse any faculty to become bigger and more active, and we find that it's more energy, and energy that's more alive. Regardless how sluggish a faculty might be, if it's thoroughly charged with highly active energy, it merely must become more active.

And regardless how little it might be, if it continues to get a steady stream of added life, energy and power, daily, month after month, year after year, it plainly must increase in size and capacity. And whenever any faculty gets greater in capacity and more alive in action it will do better work. It will gradually gain in ability and power till it has sufficient ability and power to produce what you wished for.

Returning to the man in our illustration, we'll see how the principle works. His moneymaking faculties are too little and too sluggish to produce as much revenue as he needs. He starts to desire more. His strong, persistent desire for more revenue has aroused his moneymaking faculties. They’ve become stronger, more active, more wide-awake and more efficient. And as a strong, wide-awake faculty may do many times as good work as one that's only partly alive, we understand how his desire for more money has given him the ability to make more money.

As he continues this desire, making it stronger and more relentless, his financial power will increase accordingly, and his financial gains continue to increase in proportion. You become like the thing you want, and when the similarity has become complete, you'll get what you want through the law of like attracting like.

Know what you want, and then want it with all the life and power that's in you. Get your mind and your life totally aroused. Persistent want will do this. It's necessary, that your desires continue uninterruptedly along the lines you have selected. You might desire different things, but continue each desire without change, unless you find that certain changes are essential to secure the greater results you have in mind.

To desire one thing today and another tomorrow means failure.

Let your ambitions be high, only make certain that you're acting within the sphere of your own inherent capacity; though in this connection it's well to remember that your inherent capacity is many times as great as it has been supposed to be; and likewise that it may be continuously enlarged.

In choosing what you're to desire, act reasonably, but go after the best. If the total power of desire is applied upon all the elements of your mind and character, what is latent within you'll be aroused, developed and expressed. You'll become much more than you are and thereby won't only desire the best, but be able to be of service to the best. And this latter fact is important.

When we want the great and the wonderful, we must ask what we have to give the great and the wonderful reciprocally. It is not only necessary to get the best -- to realize our ideal, but it's likewise necessary to be so good and so great that we may give to the best as much as we are receiving from the best. The same law will apply in the want or search for wisdom, new ideas, better plans, better opportunities, more agreeable surroundings and more ideal companions. The desire must be persistent and solid, as strong as all the life and soul we possess.

Put differently, we must wish hard enough, and we wish hard enough when our desires are sufficiently full and deep and strong to thoroughly arouse those faculties that have the innate ability to fulfill those desires.

To make each desire subconscious, the subconscious mind ought to always be included in the process of desire; that is, whenever we express a desire we ought to think of the subconscious, and combine the thought of that desire with our subconscious. Each desire ought to be deeply felt.

It's an excellent practice to let each desire sink into the deeper mental life. To become proficient in these techniques requires some practice, though all that's necessary to become proficient is to continue to try. Begin by feeling your desires through and through. Make them as strong and as deep as you are able to, and always combine the living action of your desire with your thought of those faculties through which you know that desire is to work.

To illustrate: If you want greater success in your work, think of those faculties that you're using in your work whenever you provide full expression to your desire. If you are a businessperson, consider your business faculties whenever you want greater business success. If you're a musician, consider your musical faculties whenever you want greater proficiency in your music. Just in case your desires should be such that you don't know what kinds of faculties will naturally be expressed, no matter. Continue to desire what you wish; the power of that desire, if relentless and strong, will find a way to make your wish come true.

When we understand how desire works, and know that it works only when it's persistent, we realize that we have found, not only a excellent secret, but likewise a simple explanation for many of the failures in life as well as many of its greatest accomplishments. And from the facts in the case we conclude that regardless what an individual’s condition or position might be today, if they'll decide upon that something better that they want, they might get it, provided their wish for it is as strong as their own life and as large as their own soul.

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