Chapter 12 : Wrapping Up

‘Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championship’ Michael Jordan

There is a lot that can be achieved once people learn to help one another and work together. Good teamwork is what enables a group what is otherwise referred to as the impossible. However, to be part of a team, individuals have to learn how to let go of their individuality and selfish ambitions. There is power in cooperation that can only be tapped into, once people learn how to work interdependently.


The team leader plays a very vital role in fostering unbreakable teamwork. A leader should be involved. They should also have the confidence and competence that will inspire others. The team will need a leader who can support them. Good leadership is the glue that holds together any team.


If a team doesn’t recognize the value of teamwork, then attaining it is very hard. People aren’t going to adapt something that they don’t consider beneficial. For any team building program to work, a team has to clearly see the value of the program. Training and seminars can help in identifying these values.

Reward Systems

One way to ensure that teamwork prevails is through reward systems. When a team excels, it’s good to sit back and savor the victory. This motivates team members to work harder and maintain the teamwork culture.

Respect and Trust

A team relies heavily on how the team members treat each other. Teamwork can’t exist in a team that doesn’t respect one another. It also can’t exist if people don’t trust one another. They key to working together is fostering good working relationships based on trust and respect.

Good luck to you and your team!

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