Chapter 8 : Individualism Versus Team work


There are so many things that can be achieved through teamwork as opposed to through individual work. In this chapter, we look at some of the benefits of teamwork.

  • How does teamwork help individual team members?
  • How does teamwork help the organization?

Many people may take time before being able to trust a team. These people need time to learn the benefits that they stand to enjoy once they join a team.

Solo or Not


As individuals, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. There are also some areas in our lives where we excel more than others. The same way, in any organization, you will find different unique people with their own strengths. People who are strong in any area may tend to work individually.

This is based on the assumption that they don’t need others. They may also think that others may slow them down or impact of their ability to work well.

However, when working with a team, you should be able to clearly overcome this and encourage the team member to learn to trust others. You can encourage and motivate people to work as a team by simply pointing out the many advantages of team work as opposed to individualism.

You are likely to achieve much more by working as a team rather than alone.

Time Management

Its basic knowledge that working as a team helps in completing tasks much faster, For instance, if you are baking cookies for sale. It will take you less time to work with a team that to try and do everything. You can have one person buy ingredients, one person do the baking and another person, the selling. Each individual has their own strengths and so they can work faster if allocated task that can help them utilise the strengths.


A team normally constitutes of people with different training and experiences. In addition, everyone has their areas of strengths. Combining these skills can bring about a lot of creativity and therefore improve the performance of the team.

Learning Experience

Working together definitely enable steam members to learn a lot and grow. For instance, if you have never been good with calculations, a team member who is good at this can help you out. Apart from gaining new skills, you can also get to learn a lot about yourself as an individual.

Sharing of Ideas and Thoughts

Team work creates room for brainstorming of ideas. This enriches the quality of the team’s performance. One individual can’t possibly come up with the same ideas that a group of people can.

Support System

Teamwork provides a support system for every member of the team. The constant encouragements help the team player to stay motivated .A good support system is also very vital in dealing with the teams failures.

It helps the team players to get back on their feet much quicker. An individual may not be able to handle failure as well as that.

A person, who is used to doing things alone, may take time before embracing the idea of teamwork. Pointing out the benefits of working together may help change the mindset of such a person.

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