Chapter 9 : Qualities of a good team player


“Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” - Andrew Carnagie

The successes and failures of a team have a lot to do with the team members themselves. As a team player, you have to posses the right qualities that can make your team successful. These are the qualities that we look at, in this chapter.

  • Do you have the ability to work in a team?
  • Can you work at gaining the necessaries qualities of a team player?



As a team player, your teammates should be able to rely on you. You should be consistent so as to give your team members confidence in you. Also, always ensure that you give your best effort in very assignment.


The only way any team can be effective, is if all members have a sense of integrity in carrying out their duties. Integrity portrays a sense of commitment to the team and to the organization as a whole.

Effective Communicator

A team player is one who can communicate with the other members of the team. You have to be able to express your opinions and thoughts well. If you disagree with the others, clearly express this directly but also respectfully. This is the only way a team can work well.


As a team player, you can’t afford to be incompetent. You have to learn as much as possible. This is the only way to ensure that you make good contribution in the group. Competence will also make your team mates more confident in you. In addition, your competence will strongly affect the overall productivity of the team.

Good Listener

A team can only work together is they are in agreement. You have to be able to listen to other members of your team. It doesn’t matter whether they are much younger, inexperienced or less educated than you. You should always be in a position to listen to other people’s ideas and opinions.

A good listener should also be in a position to take criticism without getting offended. Always adopt the listen first and speak later approach. You also don’t have to debate with your teammate on every single issue.

Active and Creative

There are lazy people who like to let people do everything for them. If you are working in a team, you can’t be lazy. You have to actively participate in order to make a contribution. In case of discussion or brain storming, you need to share your opinions and ideas too. You should volunteer to take up tasks that you feel that you may manage.

Creativity entails thinking outside the box. Your innovativeness will make the team stronger and more productive. If you have any fresh new ideas, you should always share them with the team.

Every team player has to participate so as to make the team succeed.

Sense of Humor

Although you will be involved in serious issues, you should try and keep things light. You have to be one who can take a joke and not be overly sensitive. A good sense of humor will allow you to work well with everyone else. It will also keep you from being overwhelmed by the stresses of the job.

Having a sense of humor releases tension and work stresses.

Willing to Share With Team Mates

In working as team, you don’t have to try and outshine your team members. You should be in a position to share knowledge and experience. You can become a much stronger team through sharing and strengthening each other.


A good team player never has a defeated attitude. There will be times when the team may not excel. At this time, you need to support each other and motivate each other to try again. Perseverance will help you remain goal oriented no matter what circumstances may face you.


You absolutely have to be able to cooperate with your teammates. That’s the only way that you will manage to work together. Working together will be very important in helping to achieve the set goals. If your teammates require your assistance, you should be willing to help them.

Cooperation is very important in any given team.


A good team player can’t afford to remain rigid with changing times. You need to be quick and flexible. For instance, if you always hold your meetings in a conference room, you can’t refuse to move outside to the lobby just because the conference room isn’t available.

You may also be called upon to switch your roles in the team if need. Flexibility will ensure that you perform in the group no matter what happens. This requires that you learn to compromise if need be.

Committed and Enthusiastic

A player who is committed to the team and the work at hand will put his best foot forward always. They will always ensure that they do everything possible to make the team excel. This team player will also show enthusiasm for the work at hand. Commitment and enthusiasm are important in achieving the team’s goals and objectives.

Good Interpersonal Skills

Working as a team involves different people relating with one another so as to achieve some common goals. A team player must therefore have a relatable personality. They must know how to live and work with others. To do this, one must be respectful and honest. Supportiveness is also vital in team work.

This team player should also be considerate of others. For instance, you can’t keep showing up late for meetings and expect everyone to wait for you. You can’t also be inconsiderate by making comments or jokes that may offend someone else.

Members have to know how to interact with each other properly. This makes the team much stronger and more effective.

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