Chapter 3 : The usefulness of team building


Teamwork and team building are essentially co-related. In this chapter, you learn more about how teambuilding is used to encourage teamwork.

  • A good team needs to have shared goals. This is what encourages team work. In addition, the only way to people can work together is if they are in agreement.
  • How does team building help in fostering team spirit, participation and also sharing of ideas?
  • How can team mates learn how to support and motivate one another?
  • What benefits does team building have not just for the team but for the organization?

Once you realize the benefits of team building, you will definitely see why this is very important for the success of any team.

What’s Good

Shared Goals

One of the most important benefits of team building is coming up with shared goals. If a team manages to establish some common objectives, they are more likely to succeed. This also reflects in the overall performance of the organization as a whole.


When people work in agreement, they generally tend to be more focused and productive. This fosters trust among the team members which help them work together much better.

Ideas and Team Participation

When a team start working together, they become more effective. Different people start to share ideas and opinions. Every participating member of the team brings something different to the table. This is what makes team building such a successful strategy in an organization.

Nurturing Team Spirit

Team building helps in nurturing team spirit. There are so many experienced and well educated individuals who can manage to work very well on their own. Although they do make a good contribution in the organization, they can make a better contribution by working as a team.

Motivation and Support

Team building enables different people to support and motivate each other while working towards the same goals. There are so many employees in different organizations that have so much potential but they lack the motivation to make the best out of it. Team members can help and encourage each other to properly demonstrate their capabilities by working together.

In addition, team building normally creates the right atmosphere for team spirit. This helps in giving a push to people who need it in order to get the job done.

Organizational Benefits

Team building normally helps the organization as a whole. When employees work as a team, they tend to be generally more productive. Such employees also tend to focus on the goals and objectives of the organization rather than their own individual gratification.


Team building helps in creating good rapport between the employees. They learn to relate to each other on a personal and professional relationship. This enables them to work with each other better. This ultimately creates a good working environment conducive for high productivity.

Corporate retreats and team building exercises play a vital role in encouraging teamwork. They help team members to learn how to relate to with one another so as to work in unity.

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