Chapter 14 : Conclusion

Fears are parts of life. Some fears help us, but most fears pester us. The main conclusion is that you must identify what fears help you, and keep them under control. The fears that pester you must be kept at bay and, if possible, eventually eradicated. However, effective removal of harmful fears takes time.

During the time you are learning on how to get rid of them, you can use them rather than let them continue to use you. What can be more welcoming than making even your worst fears “user-friendly,” while you figure out ways to throw them out of your life?

Enjoying your fears is the best way to dominate them. The worst scenario is to be living with fears that constantly keep you in their control. Befriending your enemy on equal footing is quite different. There’s a deadlock. There’s ceasefire because the enemy has realized your capabilities. Ceasefires are best times to gather strength for the final offense to oust the enemy.

Radical living is a radical spice of life. It frees us from boredoms and fears. If you want the techniques in this book to help you dominate your fears, you have to prepare to change radically. Enjoying your fears is a radical concept. It is seldom brought up as a solution to fears and phobias, but it can be very effective.

Finish the old regime of terror peacefully through non-violent means. Evil fears must end in your life. But make sure that you don’t also kill the good fears along with them.

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