Chapter 6 : About Phobia

Phobia is considered a mental disorder. Experts say it is an anxiety disorder. It is ranked along with obsessive-compulsive disorders, general anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorders. Anxiety disorder occurs when the joys of life are taken away from you by real or imagined fears. People suffering from this ailment are often unable to cope in healthy ways with life’s changes, traumatic experiences, and losses.

Phobia is present when you bother with extreme measures to avoid a fear and you react in ways that limit normal functioning. Some experts say phobia is often related to a past event in your life that really upset you. You have created a ghost out of an undesirable experience and you let it haunt you. Although it may no longer pose any threat, the overwhelming fear remains so real that it rules your life. In short, you fear something like crazy, and it drives you mad!

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