Chapter 3 : The Role of Fear

Fear is really designed to warn you. It is your biological security alarm to keep you from treading unknown territory unprepared. If you re-discover the true role of fear in your life, you would find it a real friend in times of danger.

Fear is not meant to forbid you. It means to warn you for early preparation. Fear tells you to think twice before you launch into an adventure. It gives you time or another chance to prepare so that you can be better equipped the next time around. This is the correct perspective on fear.

For instance, the Bible is replete with warnings for the Jews to fear God. This was not to stop them from going to God. The fear was to make them extra careful about approaching a holy God.

Children are also trained to fear their parents, especially the father in a patriarchal setting. This is not to stop them from approaching their parents, but to keep the kids disciplined, in order to please the parents.

A trained dog fears his master so much, and yet it fondly approaches him with excitement. The master is delighted by a trained dog’s correct behavior.

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